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Top tips for females travelling solo

We've asked popular female travel bloggers to give us their hints and tips for travelling alone.

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Solo female travel is on the rise, and three in ten women in the UK (28%*) have gone on a foreign holiday on their own already, and a further 21%* are planning to do so in the near future. Female travellers of all ages are taking a variety of holidays – from city and beach breaks, to activity holidays, backpacking and volunteering trips. To support women who are flying solo, we’ve gathered some top tips from seasoned female travellers to help lessen any concerns and make sure everything runs smoothly!

Top travelling tips from the female travel bloggers:

From Vicky - Vicky Flip Flop

I arrived in Guatemala all proud of myself that I'd managed to spend every last peso in Mexico, and then my bank card didn't work. Or my credit card. I had NO access to money. Luckily for me I'd met a couple on the bus there who offered to get money out for me if I transferred via PayPal. Seriously, I would've been in real trouble if they hadn't helped me. My bank later apologised and gave me compensation but I would never put myself in that situation again and now travel with 4 debit and credit cards, and keep one back at the hotel. And keep a spare $50 note in my case too.

Vicky sitting on a wall by mountains

From Taylor - Travel Colourfully

Let’s face it, things happen. That’s why travel insurance can be really handy when you hurt yourself. When I was living in Thailand my wisdom tooth got infected and I had to get it removed. Without insurance I would have paid a lot of money for the procedure. Instead my travel insurance covered all but $10 of it.

Taylor sitting on a mosaic bench

From Hayley - Frock Me I'm Famous

What have you got to lose? A lot of women manage to talk themselves out of booking solo trips but three in ten UK women have already undergone their first ever solo adventure, with a further 21%* currently considering it. Many solo travellers are actually seeking some alone time - for me, travelling solo is the best way to have a little ‘reset’! I love waking up at whatever time I want, browsing the shops, spending hours in museums, reading a good book at dinner and enjoying a glass of wine (or two!). It’s about doing your trip your way, and many women are taking the leap and surprising themselves at how much they love it (an amazing 61%* of women who have travelled solo are already planning their next trips!).

Port of St Lucia

From Emily - Emily Luxton Travels

If you’re travelling in places where pick-pocketing is common, a slash-proof bag is a worthy investment. They have hidden wire mesh woven into the fabric. A popular trick, especially in South America, is for a thief to slash the edge of your bag and grab things out whilst you’re moving through a crowded area. It actually happened to a friend of mine while we were at Barranquilla Carnival in Colombia. The thieves cut a hole in the corner of her bag without her noticing – although luckily all they stole was her sunglasses case! I also recommend a slash-proof camera strap if you have an expensive camera like a DSLR, as those are a common target.

Emily doing yoga while viewing mountains

*Source: Opinium research, August 2018


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