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We’re committed to providing websites that are usable, accessible, practical, helpful and available to people of all abilities.

Meeting BSI standards


British Standard 8878 (BS8878) is a Web Accessibility Code of Practice from the British Standards Institution (BSI). We’re working to deliver and surpass the experience levels it expects with pages that are:

Technically accessible

Making sure it’s technically possible to perform the steps or access the information needed to accomplish a task.


Are users able to complete the tasks they come here to do effectively and efficiently?


Are users satisfied with the website experience and is it enjoyable, if it’s meant to be?

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Our accessibility goals


As part of our Post Office accessibility policy we:

  • Engage with disabled people, understand their requirements and incorporate them into our website scoping and planning
  • Meet Level AA of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 as a minimum, and Level AAA wherever possible
  • Conduct formal and informal accessibility evaluations against the guidelines throughout development
  • Keep evaluating pages’ accessibility after launch, including testing them with people with disabilities
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Who’s responsible?

Our Digital Channel Director, Sharon Gilkes is responsible for this policy. It’s her job to make sure it’s implemented at Post Office and we uphold the principles laid out here.

But everyone at Post Office is responsible for upholding these principles in their own areas of work. It’s business as usual for us and all our staff.

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Branch and product accessibility

We continually review the accessibility of all our products and access to our branches, too. You can find out more about the access and facilities Post Office provides here.

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