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Store your details and prove who you are securely

Keep your personal details safely stored in the Post Office EasyID app, where only you can access them. When you need to prove your age, identity or other important details about yourself with a business or another person, share only the details you need to.

What can you do with your EasyID?


Prove your Right to Work and apply for a Disclosure & Barring Service check digitally

Post Office

Prove your identity or age to pick up mail and buy lottery tickets at your local Post Office branch


Prove your age at all national cinemas


Prove your Right to Rent


Buy age-restricted goods at over 18,000 convenience stores


Prove your age and ID for gaming, social media and online entertainment

What makes EasyID so… easy?

Proven technology from digital ID experts meets decades of Post Office experience, helping people prove and manage their identity.

  • You’re always in control of your identity
    You choose which data to share, with who and when

  • Protects against identity fraud
    All your details are encrypted and can only be accessed by you

  • Stops children accessing age-restricted products
    Only over 18s verified using biometrics can get an EasyID

  • Everything’s safe in one place
    Securely store your ID details to use online and in person

  • Verify once for unlimited use
    After EasyID has verified your identity, you’re verified forever

  • Only share what you need to
    Tell a business you’re 13+, 15+, 18+ or 25+ without revealing your name or ID

Get your EasyID in minutes

  1. Download the app

    You can download our app for free from Google Play or the App Store

  2. Create an account

    Add your phone number and create a 5-digit PIN to secure your account

  3. Take a selfie

    Use your phone to take a photo of your face so we can verify you and protect your account

  4. Scan an ID document

    Scan a photo ID to automatically add personal details to your digital ID

Download the app

EasyID is the safe, secure way to prove your identity and age – online and in person

Need some help?

EasyID help and support

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