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We have two services available at selected branches

Digital Check & Send

We’ll complete and submit your application for you digitally, so there’s no need for a paper application

  • No paper form filling
  • We’ll take your digital photo to correct specifications
  • Available at 1,100 branches

Paper Check & Send

We’ll ensure that your application is complete and correct before sending it off

  • Application is checked to ensure it meets all requirements
  • Use your own compliant photographs
  • Available at 2,500 branches
Illustration of two Irish passports

Irish passports

Apply for your first or renew your current passport in-branch to receive at home.

Passport guides

Common passport questions

  • How much your passport costs will depend on whether:

    • You’re an adult or a child
    • You apply digitally or using paper forms
    • You use one of our Passport Check & Send services

    There’s no difference in the HM Passport Office fee for new or renewed passports. 

    Our Passport Digital Check & Send service helps you get your application right first time, with no paper forms to fill in, for just £16. There’s also a Paper Check & Send service for the same price, which makes sure your paper application is good to go.

    Here’s a summary of the different fees for passports and Check & Send. Please note the totals don’t include the cost of getting compliant photos taken.

      HM Passport Office fee (standard passports) Post Office Check & Send fee Total

    Adult (digital application)

    £88.50 £16.00 £104.50

    Adult (paper application)

    £100.00 £16.00 £116.00

    Child (digital application)

    £57.50 £16.00 £73.50

    Child (paper application)

    £69.00 £16.00 £85.00


  • You can renew an adult passport or child’s passport quickly and easily at the Post Office with our Passport Check & Send services.

    With Digital Check & Send, we complete and submit your application digitally, with no forms to fill in. Or, if you prefer applying with paper forms, we can check they’re all good to send with our Paper Check & Send service.

    Use our branch finder tool to find where you can renew your adult or child’s passport.

  • If you’re applying for a new adult or child’s passport, your application needs to be countersigned by someone who either:

    • Works in (or is retired from) a ‘recognised profession’
    • Is ‘a person of good standing in their community’

    You’ll find more guidance on this and what counts as a recognised profession on the HM Passport Office pages. The countersignatory can’t work for HM Passport Office or be a doctor (unless they know you very well, such as a friend).

    A countersignature is often not required if you’re renewing a passport. That’s unless your appearance has changed significantly since your previous or most current passport photo was taken.

Need some help?

Passports help and support

Find answers to common questions about passports:

Visit our passports support page

Passport enquiries

For passport enquiries and complaints: 

Go to passport advice on GOV.UK