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Take Five to stop fraud

Fraudsters are experts in getting your money, even if you think you’d be able to spot a scam easily.

Take Five is a national campaign led by UK Finance and backed by the Government. It offers advice to help everyone protect themselves from financial fraud.

What is fraud?

Fraudsters use deception to gain information or money illegally or unfairly. And scammers are inventive, using lots of different tactics to trick you into parting with both. 

Look out for these signs of scams, including some that pretend to be from us.

Scams to watch out for

  • list

    Emails or texts about mail delivery that falsely claim to be from Post Office

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    Fake websites that use Post Office brand and demand payment for deliveries 

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    Messages sent supposedly by Royal Mail that request payment for unsent items

Signs you might have been scammed

  • Urgent requests to transfer money to people you haven’t met in person

  • Being asked to buy a gift card and send its details to a stranger

  • Someone staying on the phone while you complete a transaction they’ve requested