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Ways to verify your customers

You can use our verification solutions both online and in-branch – choose which option suits you best

Online verification

Our robust anti-spoofing verification technology ensures genuine customers – and no-one else – can breeze through your checks. We verify them and their ID documents to the highest security standards.

In branch verification

You can easily and quickly verify your customers’ identities through any Post Office branch.

A person's hand holding up phone showing digital ID

A secure digital ID for your customers

You can also give your customers a secure, convenient and privacy-friendly app to prove their identity and access your services.
Once verified, they’ll have a reusable digital ID that they can use to share their details with your organisation in seconds.

How we can help your business

We verify all users to the highest security standards using a combination of world-leading technology and expert security personnel to reduce the risk of fraud to your business.

Identity verification

Let the good guys through faster without compromising on security

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Age verification

Keep your business compliant with simple, private age checks

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Right to Work checks

Say goodbye to manual document checks during the employee vetting process

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Right to Rent checks

Landlords and lettings agents can automate the process of checking a tenant’s right to rent

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Our solutions to your verification challenges

Post Office and Yoti offer a range of powerful tools to help protect your business


Get documents electronically signed for less than the cost of a postage stamp

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Facial age estimation

No ID, no credit card – all you need is a selfie and we do the rest

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Protect your business using authentication with high-level biometric face matching technology

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Digital ID

Digital ID gives your customers a convenient way to prove who they are to your organisation

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