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Which Check & Send service are you interested in?

Digital check and send

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What is our Digital Check & Send service?

We’ll complete and submit your application for you digitally

  • No paper form filling
  • We’ll take your digital photo to correct specifications
  • Available at 1,100 branches
  • Total cost for a standard passport renewal: £104.50 (Including our £16 Check and Send fee)

How Digital Check & Send works

We’ll help you get your passport renewal right first time for just £16, plus your passport fee

  1. Find your nearest branch

    When you’re in branch ask for the Digital Check & Send service.

    We’ll use your old passport to fill in your application.

    Please check with your local branch if you need to book an appointment to complete your application there

  2. We’ll take your photo

    The photo we take will be compliant with HM Passport Office guidelines and used as part of your application

  3. We’ll check it’s right

    We’ll also send off your old passport to HM Passport Office by Special Delivery.

    HM Passport Office will send you text messages and emails to update you on the progress of your application 

  4. You’ll receive your passport in the post

    You’ll receive your passport from the HM Passport Office in the post

Preparing for your application

You can use this service if:

  • list

    You don’t need a passport urgently

  • list

    You have and can access an email address

What you need:

  • Your current passport (actual document, not a photocopy)

  • Proof of any changes (see FAQs for more details)

When will you need someone to confirm your identity?

If you are replacing a lost or stolen passport, you’ll need to provide details of someone who can confirm your identity.

This person will be emailed and asked to confirm your identity. Please check with them before you start the application that they are happy to be contacted for confirmation.

The person confirming your identity must:

  • Have known you personally for at least 2 years

  • Must not be related, in a relationship with or living at the same address as the applicant or the person making the application

  • Be 18 or older

  • Have a current UK passport and live in the UK

We will need their:

  • Email address

  • Name

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      Common Digital Check & Send questions

      • Our Digital Check & Send service costs £16.00. The fee includes your photo and delivery to the HM Passport Office. This is on top of the fee due to HM Passport Office.

          HM Passport Office fee Post Office Check & Send fee Total
        Adult standard 34-page passport £88.50 £16.00 £104.50
        Adult frequent traveller 50-page passport £100.50 £16.00 £116.50
        Child standard 34-page passport £57.50 £16.00 £73.50
        Child frequent traveller 50-page passport £69.50 £16.00 £85.50


        • Your existing or old, undamaged passport
        • A UK mobile number
        • Your address in the UK
        • A valid email address
        • Full payment for your application: a £16.00 Digital Check & Send fee in addition to the passport fee payable to HM Passport office
      • Have you changed your name by marriage or civil partnership? You’ll need:

        • Marriage certificate, or
        • Civil partnership certificate

        Are you are going back to your maiden or unmarried name? Or to a previous name once used? You’ll need:

        • One document from List A
        • A signed statement saying that you now use your maiden name for all purposes
        • Your birth certificate
        • Your marriage certificate showing both names
        • Your decree absolute (if applicable)
        • Evidence of all previous names from List B

        Do you want to travel in your new name shortly after getting married or forming a civil partnership? You’ll need:

        Are you changing the name on a child passport? You’ll need:

        • A signed statement from everyone that has parental responsibility for the child saying they give permission to the name change, or
        • A court order allowing the change of name and both of the following:
        1. One piece of evidence from List A
        2. At least one piece of evidence from List B

        Are you are changing the spelling of your name slightly? eg Bryan to Brian, changing the order your forenames appear in your passport, or dropping a forename? You’ll need:

        • One document from List A and one document from List B, or
        • Two documents from List A

        Are you changing your name following gender re-assignment? You’ll need:

        • Gender recognition certificate or re-registered birth certificate, or
        • A letter from your doctor or medical consultant together with:
        1. One document from List A, and
        2. At least one document from List B

        Are you changing your name for any other reason? You’ll need:

        • One document from List A, and
        • At least one document from List B

        List A – please provide one document which confirms your name in current use

        • Tax record, eg a letter from a tax authority
        • National identity card or equivalent
        • Employment record, eg an official letter from your employer
        • Visa or residence permit
        • Educational record, eg a school report
        • Letter sent to you from a central, regional or local government department
        • Driving licence
        • Medical/health card
        • Voter’s card
        • Bank statement
        • Baptism/Confirmation certificate

        List B – please provide one document that shows each name change that has taken place

        • Marriage certificate
        • Civil partnership certificate
        • Gender recognition certificate
        • Enrolled deed poll
        • Un-enrolled deed poll (change of name deed) signed in both your old and new names
        • Certificate of naturalisation or registration
        • Statutory declaration or affidavit signed in your new name
        • Birth certificate (upon re-registration)
        • Certificate from the Court of the Lord Lyon of Scotland
        • Adoption order/certificate
      • HM Passport Office will text or email you at each stage of the application process. They’ll tell you when:

        • Your passport renewal application has been received
        • Your old passport has been received
        • Your application has been approved
        • Your new passport is on its way

        You can track your application using the link and reference on your Digital Check & Send receipt. Remember to keep it safe.

      • Online:
        Using our help & support hub

        By post:

        Alternatively, Textphone us on:
        0345 722 3355
        Need to contact us using Braille, audio or large print? No problem, we'll respond to you in the same format.

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