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Renew your passport easily. No forms, no fuss.

Bring your old passport into one of our selected branches and we’ll do the rest for just £16.00

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Passport renewals – important information for coronavirus/Covid-19

Due to the current Covid 19 situation, HM Passport Office has decided to suspend its normal services and only handle urgent, compassionate or compelling passport applications.

Passport services in the Post Office are unavailable.

If customers need an urgent passport application they must contact HM Passport Office directly.

How to renew your adult passport

We’ll help you to get it right first time for just £16.00, bringing the full fee to renew your passport to £91.50.

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Find your nearest branch

When you’re in branch ask for the Digital Check & Send service.

We’ll use your old passport to fill in your application form.

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We’ll take your photo 

And use it as part of your application.

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We’ll submit your application electronically

And then send your old passport off to HM Passport Office by special delivery.


You’ll be able to track it all online.

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You receive your passport in the post

You’ll receive your passport from the HM Passport Office in up to 3 weeks.

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Find your nearest branch

Use our branch finder tool to find where you can renew your adult passport.

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How does Digital Check & Send work?

  • Our Digital Check & Send service is currently available only for straightforward, adult passport renewals.
  • We’ll scan your old passport and take your photo.
  • We'll talk you through the questions on screen and enter all the answers for you.
  • Then we'll send everything to HM Passport Office electronically.
  • And send your old passport to HM Passport Office by Royal Mail Special Delivery – guaranteed to arrive the following day.

What do I need to complete a Digital Check & Send renewal?

  • Your existing or old,  undamaged passport
  • A UK mobile number
  • Your address in the UK  
  • A valid email address

Full payment for your application: £16.00 Digital Check & Send fee in addition to the passport fee payable to HM Passport office.

Can I track my Digital Check & Send application?

HM Passport Office will text or email you at each stage of the application process. They’ll tell you when:

  • Your passport renewal application has been received.
  • Your old passport has been received.
  • Your application has been approved.
  • Your new passport is on its way.

You can track your application using the link and reference on your Digital Check & Send receipt. Remember to keep it safe.

Find your local branch

How long does it take to get a new passport?

It should take 3 weeks to process a renewal application but many customers receive theirs much faster.  For urgent applications, go here.

Is the Digital Check & Send renewal available in Welsh?

HM Passport Office will make digital passport applications available in Welsh in 2020. In the meantime, you can use the normal, paper process.

Can I cancel my Digital Check & Send renewal?

If you want to cancel your application before despatch of your old passport, we will be able to return the passport and refund the passport fee only. The application will already have been sent to HM Passport Office. You’ll be able to access it using the Post Office (POD) ID reference number on your receipt.

Once your old passport has been returned to HM Passport Office, you’ll need to contact them to withdraw it. Unfortunately, neither Post Office nor HMPO will be unable to offer a refund once your old passport has been dispatched.

How much does it cost to renew a Passport?

Our Digital Check & Send service costs £16.00. The fee includes your photo and delivery to the HM Passport Office. This is on top of the fee due to HM Passport Office (See below).


Passport fee

Post Office Fee


Paper Check & Send




Digital Check & Send




How can I get in touch?

Using our online contact form

By Post:



Alternatively Textphone us:
0345 722 3355

Need to contact us using Braille, audio or large print? No problem, we'll respond to you in the same format.

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