Gadget cover

Gadget Cover

  • Add gadget cover to your Post Office Travel Insurance policy to get extra cover for your tech
  • Get up to £1000 of cover on a range of devices and gadgets

What is Gadget Cover?

Once upon a time, all you needed to go away was your passport, your wallet and your travel insurance. Now, technology is up there with clothes for necessary travel items. But standard policies do not always give you the best gadget travel insurance.

It’s a brave new world: you can have an entire holiday without ever printing a document. Book the flights on your tablet, buy your travel insurance with your phone, check in online, back up your docs to a cloud server, scan the digital boarding pass at airport security and get an Uber to your hotel at the other end.

So it stands to reason that alongside your passport, the gadgets you’ve done all of this on are pretty important too. Travel insurance with gadget cover is a great way to mitigate for damage or loss that might befall you while travelling.

Holiday gadget insurance

Whether it’s travel insurance you’re after or something to cover your iPhone, our Gadget Cover add-on can offer you an extra level of peace of mind. Post Office Gadget Insurance offers up to £1,000 cover for products including phones, tablets, laptops and even drones. 

When taking out certain levels of travel insurance cover with the Post Office, you can add-on Gadget Insurance. Depending on your travel insurance policy, you may have to pay an excess of up to £200, so select the policy that’s best for you by reading up on what’s covered.

Here to help

We’re pretty dependent on our technology, and for many it can be an absolutely crucial travel item to get covered. Gadget travel insurance is intended to help you when you need it most – the point at which you make a claim.

Things to consider with Gadget Cover

Post Office Gadget Cover is an extension to your existing travel insurance baggage cover, meaning that the same conditions and exclusions apply. Your gadgets undergo different risks to things like your baggage, as they are usually carried either on one’s person or in hand-luggage, and so you might feel they warrant their own insurance too.

Items are only insured up to a certain value. If you have expensive items that are  worth more than £1,000 then you may wish to consider a more specialist insurance policy for your items.

What does gadget travel insurance cover?

For the purposes of gadget insurance, this includes mobile phones, smart phones, tablets, laptops, computers, smart watches, satnavs, personal digital assistants, games consoles (including hand-held consoles) and all the accessories for these items, drones and wearable activity trackers.

The sooner the better

Getting travel insurance at the time you buy your holiday or travel arrangements is a sensible way to protect against the unexpected. If you’re prevented from leaving by an accident, illness or personal tragedy, you can be covered.

What about items covered on my home insurance?

Find out which of your items are included on your home insurance, as this might provide an extra level of safety should you lose something valuable. While things like smart watches, and smartphones are included on your gadget insurance policy, the total payout available is £1000 – which is significantly less than the total value of your tech might be should it all get lost at once.

Ensuring you’re covered with insurance is the best way to give yourself protection should something go wrong on your trip, and adding gadget cover goes that much further to protecting some of your most valuable possessions.


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