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Travel insurance with medical conditions

Existing medical conditions can be a worry when you travel. We offer medical screening to cover a range of conditions, helping you find cover to suit you. Having an existing medical condition shouldn’t mean that you can’t have a great holiday, and we’re here to help.

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Travel Insurance – important information for coronavirus/Covid-19


Please be advised that in light of Coronavirus (COVID-19) and the global impact currently being experienced, the Post Office has taken the difficult decision to temporarily suspend all new Travel Insurance sales.


Existing Travel Insurance policies are unaffected and will remain valid. If you need to make a claim, please follow the claims process in your policy terms and conditions.


For further information we ask customers to review our frequently asked questions, our Travel Alerts page and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) for the latest advice.


Please be aware we are receiving unprecedented volumes of calls to our Contact Centre and are doing everything we can to answer your queries. We are asking customers who are not travelling in the next 5 days to use our digital channels for support, so that we service customers with imminent travel dates.


We at The Post Office remain dedicated to supporting our customers and will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates.

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Make sure you have the right medical travel insurance

Getting the right treatment when abroad is important, especially if you’ve got an existing medical condition. So it’s important to have the right cover too. Treatment for an unexpected illness – whether or not you have an existing condition – can quickly run into the thousands of pounds, so making sure you’ve got protection in place is vital.

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We cover against common medical conditions



Diabetes can vary in severity which can impact other areas of health. Our travel insurance takes into account all the differing levels, such as how advanced your condition is, where you're travelling to and whether you have other health concerns.



This condition can range from mild to severe and might be linked to other respiratory problems. So it’s important to have the right travel insurance for asthma. We'll assess your condition on a case-by-case basis to see whether we can give you the right cover.


Heart conditions

From high-cholesterol to high blood pressure, we want to help you enjoy your trip. Whether we can offer you cover will depend on a variety of factors, but we’ll take everything into consideration from the outset and try to help you find cover that will offer protection should you fall ill abroad.

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EHIC is not always enough

If you are travelling in Europe a valid European Health Insurance Card might provide you with some state-provided medical healthcare for less.

The EHIC does not cover any additional cost to return you to the UK or for a relative to stay or fly out to be with you.  In a medical emergency you may have no control over the hospital you are taken to or the closest hospital may be private. But medical travel insurance may be able to cover some of the cost for you.

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If you're ill abroad we can look after you

If you're taken ill on holiday and unfortunately end up in hospital, the emergency medical assistance team can be contacted to assist you in finding the right facility for treatment and may be able to give help with the costs. That means we'll look at the facilities that are available to you as well as the care you need. We may be able to get you home. And we may be able to pay towards your medical costs.

The availability of cover options is dependent upon the level of cover you select. Conditions and exclusions apply. For full details of what's included with your cover, check our policy documents.

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Quick & easy medical screening


Get a quote online or by phone

When you choose Post Office® to provide your medical travel insurance, all you have to do is answer a few questions. We can either take you through your medical screening online or over the phone.

Get a quote

Medical Questions

Tell us everything we need to know

Tell us about the conditions you have and medications you are taking and we will try to provide you with cover. If you can help us by telling us everything you know, you'll be better equipped to ensure you have the right cover in place for your specific needs. Otherwise there's a risk you might not be protected if you have a problem while you're on holiday.


All medical conditions considered

We offer travel insurance to people with a variety of conditions from diabetes to high blood pressure and cholesterol. We can even provide cover if you have mental health issues. So why not check to see if we can provide you with the travel insurance you need?

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    Winning awards for more than 10 years

    Post Office has won a ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ award at the British Travel Awards.


    Our Premier and Elite policies are 5-star rated by Defaqto.


    Post Office has won a "Best Online Travel Insurance provider" award at the Your Money Awards.

Your Money 2019
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Plan ahead, just in case

Insurance won't cover you for routine or non-emergency treatment you may need while you are away. So if you are on prescription drugs, check you have enough with you to last your journey.

To be on the cautious side we suggest you carry an extra week's supply in case you are delayed abroad. You should always carry your medication in your hand luggage and not in checked-in bags. That way not only is it within easy reach, but it's safer too.

Always bring a copy of your prescription and check with the embassy of where you’re travelling to ensure that your medications aren’t prohibited. If possible, try to travel with a doctor’s note explaining why you need to take your medication. 


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Medical Travel Insurance FAQs

What will I be asked during the medical screening?

The questions in your medical screening will vary depending on your conditions. We’ll take some background information about your recent medical history, and if you tell us that you’ve had a medical issue within that time-frame we’ll go into more detail about how it has been treated, what medicines and procedures you have undergone and what treatment you are expecting in the future – though there may be other questions too.

What does medical travel insurance cover?

Medical Travel Insurance provides cover tailored to your trip, including cover for your existing medical conditions. Travelling with medical conditions carries more risk than that of a person who has no medical conditions. Accidents completely out of anyone's control, where you may require medical attention are usually covered on a normal Travel Insurance policy.

However if you carry an existing medical condition, the amount of medical treatment that you may require could be more extensive and more expensive, therefore we offer a policy which considers all medical conditions to give you level of cover that you need. Based on the severity of your conditions, you may need to pay an additional premium.

Do I need an EHIC?

If you’re travelling within the EU, then it is important to get or renew an EHIC. There are certain things an EHIC doesn’t cover – such as medical repatriation – that make it vital to have travel insurance, however an EHIC can provide healthcare at free or reduced cost while you travel in EU countries. 

The best combination to have is a valid EHIC and good travel insurance.

Please consult our Brexit page for updates on how the EHIC might be affected by the UK leaving the European Union.

Still have questions about travel insurance?

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Travel Insurance cover types

Single Trip

  • Cover for a one-off trip in the UK or abroad.
  • Perfect for one-off trips or longer holidays up to 365 days*
  • No Upper Age limit

Annual Multi-Trip

  • Cover for multiple trips for a 12 month period
  • You can go away multiple times in the policy year with various trips durations available **
  • No Upper Age limit


  • Cover for a one-off trip up to 18 months
  • Option to return home for up to 7 days on 3 occasions.
  • For people aged 18 to 60 wanting to travel around the world for a gap year or career break
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Get a travel insurance quote


It’s quick and easy to get a quote today


*For Economy, Standard and Premier policies, the Singe trip policy will cover you for one trip up to:

365 days for persons aged up to and including age 70.

90 days for persons aged between 71 and 75.

31 days for persons aged between 76 and 85.


**For Economy, Standard and Premier policies under Annual Multi-trip policy although you can take as many trips as you want within the policy year, there is a maximum duration for each individual trip. This limit varies depending on the cover level chosen and will be 17 or 31 days. On some policies the limit can be extended to 31, 45 or 60 days for an additional premium.

Small Print


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For Economy, Standard and Premier Policies


Post Office® Travel Insurance is underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, and administered by Collinson Insurance Services Limited, FRN 311883.


Great Lakes Insurance SE is a German insurance company with its headquarters at Königinstrasse 107, 80802 Munich. Registered number of HRB 230378 in the commercial register. UK Branch office: Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AJ. Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, is authorised by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority under FRN 769884. Details about the extent of its regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority is available on request.


Collinson Insurance Services Limited is registered in England & Wales, registered number 758979. Registered Office: Cutlers Exchange, 123 Houndsditch, London, EC3A 7BU. Collinson Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, FRN 311883.


For Lite, Prime and Elite Policies


Post Office® Travel Insurance is underwritten by ERGO Travel Insurance Services Ltd (ETI) on behalf of Great Lakes Insurance SE (GLISE). GLISE is a German insurance company with its UK Branch office at Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street, London, EC3M 3AJ, company number SE000083. GLISE, UK Branch, is authorised by Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and Prudential Regulation Authority: register number 769884.


ETI is registered in the UK, company number 11091555. Registered office: Plantation Place, 30 Fenchurch Street London, EC3M 3AJ. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, register number 805870.


Details about the extent of GLISE’s authorisation and regulation by the Prudential Regulation Authority, and regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority are available on request


The above details can be checked on the Financial Services Register by visiting the Financial Conduct Authority website and searching by Firm Reference Number (FRN).