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How to contact Santa

Tell Santa what you’d like 

Include what’s on your Christmas list, your name and address, and if you’ve been naughty or nice.

Let him know how to reply 

Santa can reply in English, Welsh or braille. He’ll reply to letters from 20 November. 

Post your letter by 30 November

After that, Santa’s in full Christmas mode. So make sure your letter gets to him in good time.

Santa’s address

Here’s where to send your letter to Santa. 

For a reply in English write to

Santa/Father Christmas

Santa's Grotto



Can’t wait for his reply?

Download Santa’s reply card in English

Am ateb yn Gymraeg, ysgrifennwch at

Sion Corn

Ogof Sion

Corn Gwlad Y Ceirw


Methu aros am eich ymateb

Lawrlwytho cerdyn ateb Siôn Corn yn Gymraeg

For a reply in braille please email

Or you can request a braille reply by writing to Santa’s English or Welsh addresses

Find your nearest Post Office branch

Ready to get Christmas sorted? Here’s where you’ll find us.