Enter the Post Office Hunt for a Travel Ambassador 2018 competition for your chance to win £5,000 towards your dream holidya.

Post Office Travel Blogger of the Year 2018

And the winners are...

We have been on the hunt for two travel blogging stars to be crowned the 2018 Post Office Travel Bloggers of the Year; one Affordable Travel blogger and one Travel & Food blogger. Both will win £5k towards their dream trip, courtesy of Post Office Travel Insurance

The journey so far…

  • We received over 200 nominations across both categories.
  • These were all individually rated across several strict criteria to form a shortlist of ten for each category.
  • Each shortlisted blogger produced a blog post showcasing what their dream trip would be, and how they’d spend £5k if they were to win. They encouraged all their fans to get voting.
  • We received over 1,900 votes, which narrowed the shortlist down to five in each category. And this is where the judging panel including award-winning travel blogger Emily Luxton and freelance journalist Lucy McGuire, came in.


“I was very impressed by the finalists in this competition. Their websites were slick, photography was fantastic and quality of writing was high. The judging process was difficult but the winners instilled a real sense of wanderlust through their writing and shared their dream trips in really inspirational ways.”– Lucy McGuire, freelance journalist and travel blogger.

We can finally announce the winners of the 2018 Post Office Travel Bloggers of the Year…

*Drum roll please*


The award for the 2018 Post Office Travel Blogger of the Year in the Affordable Travel category goes to Wander with Laura.

Post Office Affordable Travel Blogger of the Year 2018

Laura is a self-confessed travel aficionado, food obsessive and avid writer. It all started with a three-week European Whirl Contiki with 45 strangers, which turned out to the best thing she’s ever done. Her dream trip is to go to The Philippines, which has been firmly at the top of her ‘places to visit’ list for so many years. She missed out on the chance during her backpacking trip last year, and is dying to go. Read her post here to find out more. 

“Laura's blog really stood out for its neat, stylish design and engaging writing style - not to mention some dazzling photos! I think she has a really nice travel ethic, which stands out in some lovely posts that are full of personality. Her entry post for this competition was sweet, funny, and kept me reading to the end.” – Emily Luxton, award-winning travel blogger.

The award for the 2018 Post Office Travel Blogger of the Year in the Travel & Food category goes to Binny’s Food and Travel. 

Binny's Food and Travel

Binny is a writer, dreamer, serial wanderluster and travel addict. She is originally from Kenya but now lives in London. One of her favourite things about travelling is the ability to just get lost in it. Binny’s dream trip is to retrace her ancestral roots back to India. She really wants to learn more about the significance of some of the Indian traditions that they continue to hold in such high regard in her community in Kenya today. 

“Reading Binny’s post about wanting to retrace her family’s heritage across India made me all warm and fuzzy inside, and instantly think of how I would love to do something similar myself. Evoking emotions is a hard task, but Binny manages to do it to me in almost every post I read of hers – not to mention the insatiable hunger that she evokes with every photo too! She is so deserving of this prize, and I can’t wait to read all about her trip to India once she’s taken her trip of a lifetime.” – Erica Vonderwall, Digital Promotions Manager at Talented Talkers 

“At the Post Office, we understand the hard work and passion which goes into travel blogging, and the time and effort spent sharing exciting adventures and personal experiences with others. We wanted to reward two outstanding rising stars to help them live out their dream trips, which might inspire others to follow in their footsteps.” – Victoria Baker, Post Office Travel Insurance. 

Laura and Binny will both get to live out their dream trip with the help of the Post Office prize money. Follow their blogs to discover where their travels take them!