Over 70s travel insurance

Over 70s travel insurance

Travel insurance for over 70s from some providers can sometimes seem expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By looking carefully at what’s on offer, and making sure you’re covered for exactly what you need, you can gain peace of mind on your holiday, without breaking the bank. Travelling, whether you go with a partner, family, friends, or just on your own, is always such a joy, and nothing should stand in your way. So, whether you need travel insurance for a relaxing break by a sunny pool or a gripping adventure in the wild, find out how to get the right policy right here.

Travel insurance for the over 70s is a really good idea for older travellers, especially if you have any medical conditions that might cause you to worry while you’re away. Getting the right kind of over 70s travel insurance is important – not every policy will cover you for what you need.

Over 70s travel insurance will offer you the chance to relax and unwind without worrying about any problems, such as those that might be caused by pre-existing medical conditions. But because many insurers will see you as a higher risk, the cost of cover can be higher. One way to control this cost is to make sure you get exactly the cover you need.

How to keep costs down on travel insurance when you're over 70

Travel insurance for the over 70s can sometimes seem expensive, but there are several things you can do to try and bring the cost down.

Decide if you need an annual or single trip policy

An annual policy will cover you for many trips over a year, and can work out cheaper overall when compared with a single trip policy.

Decide if you need unexpected event cover

Some policies will include cover for unexpected events – things like riots, wars or natural disasters like volcanic eruptions or tsunamis. If you are going to a stable country that you know well, you may decide this cover isn’t necessary.

Avoid operator insurance offers

Some tour operators will also try to sell you travel insurance when you book, but you may find that you get better value with an independent insurer. It’s worth checking their policy and price against another quote to see if you can save.

What policy details should you be aware of?

When you look at different travel insurance for the over 70s, check to see if you have cover for things such as:

  • Medical Emergencies
  • Repatriation
  • Lost, stolen or damaged luggage
  • Lost or stolen cash
  • Medical transfers
  • Cancellation or curtailment
  • Personal liability
  • Legal protection

It’s worth remembering that not every policy will include all of these. Comprehensive travel insurance should cover most of them, but always double check, and be aware of how much you’re covered for in each case.

Pre-existing medical conditions

Getting travel insurance for the over 70s often means that you have to explain any pre-existing medical conditions when you apply. Things like cancer, heart problems and diabetes will affect the policy because they increase the chance of a claim.

One way of managing this cost is to go for an insurer who offers specialised policies for the over-70s. These insurers will have expertise in understanding your pre-existing medical conditions, and should be able to tailor the cover you need.

Travel advice for the over 70s

Before you go


  • Keep your hand luggage light and check your bags in at the airport to make getting around much easier.
  • On your flight, drink plenty of water and keep moving as often as you can.

At your destination

  • Try and book outside of the peak seasons. This will also help you find cheaper deals
  • Check your hotel for accessibility if you have problems getting around.
  • Make sure you know the address of a local doctor and pharmacy.

If you’re looking for a policy that provides travel insurance for people over 70 then consider a Post Office policy