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Do I need travel insurance for a UK getaway?

Lots of Brits think that they don’t need travel insurance for trips they are taking within the UK.

This isn’t always the case, and much will depend on the kind of holiday you’re taking. If you’d like to make sure you’re completely covered, then read on and see if you need cover.

What is already covered?

Lots of people take out travel insurance to protect themselves against getting ill on holiday. Since the NHS is free at the point of service, health insurance isn’t necessary for holidays within the UK.

However, that is not the only reason people get travel insurance.

Why might I need travel insurance for holidays in the UK?

1. Your possessions

This depends on the type of holiday you’re taking. Think about what you’re going away with. Since you’re holidaying within the UK, you may be tempted to be a bit more extravagant in the things you take with you.

In fact, you might have some quite valuable possessions with you – such as gadgets including smartphones, tablets, cameras and more. Since you’re staying in the UK, you might take more jewellery than you would if you were going overseas. If you are driving, you may make use of the extra boot space to take more clothes than you would if you were flying.

If you have contents insurance with an away-from-home add-on, then you needn’t worry about loss or theft to these items. But lots of people don’t opt for this extra, and it may not be included as standard.

If your possessions aren’t covered by your contents insurance when they’re outside of your house, then travel insurance is necessary to make sure they’re protected.

It’s also important to check what your contents insurance covers. Some may not provide cover for accidental damage, which is another important reason to consider getting travel insurance.

2. Your holiday

Any holiday that is organised by a tour operator or company runs the risk of getting cancelled. If you have travel insurance, you can make sure that you’re covered for this eventuality and may be able to get money back.

But it doesn’t stop there. If you have travel insurance for a pre-booked holiday but you are suddenly unable to go due to sickness or other unforeseen circumstances, travel insurance can provide a lifeline.

If you haven’t booked through an operator but have simply booked a hotel in Cornwall, then travel insurance may be the only way you are able to recoup what you’ve spent.

3. Insurance for any trip

If you are someone who travels often, you could benefit from an annual multi-trip policy.

This will normally include cover for holidays within the UK as well as other trips you take abroad.

This type of policy also means that you can take holidays in the UK at the drop of a hat and know you’ve got cover, rather than having to worry about trips on an individual basis.

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