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Find hot holiday destinations any time of year

If you're the type of sunchaser who looks forward to that sizzling summer break, can’t wait to escape to warmer climes in the UK’s winter months or can't be away from vitamin D too long, we’ve got a few ideas about where to go.

Posted: 31/1/2022 | By Darren Williams

Beach with sea waves lapping on to beach and a beautiful sunset in the distance

Healthcare for UK nationals in Europe

The European Health Insurance Card (Ehic) has now been replaced by the UK Global Health Insurance Card (Ghic) for UK citizens. Both let you get emergency and state healthcare in EU countries for free or at a reduced cost. 

If you apply for a card now or you’ve applied and have yet to receive your Ehic, you’ll get the new Ghic instead. Your existing Ehic can still be used in the EU until it expires. The Ehic can no longer be used in Switzerland, Norway, Iceland or Liechtenstein in most cases. Find out what’s changed.

Neither card covers all eventualities so make sure you also have robust travel insurance with appropriate health cover for trips to the EU or any overseas travel. 

Seasonal temperatures around the world 

We’ve looked at some of the destinations with the hottest average temperatures for each month of the year’s four seasons. Some closer to home. Others further afield.

It’s not an exhaustive list, and some of the places we’ve highlighted are warm at other times of year too. But it should give you plenty of options.

Remember, if you’re heading for the hotter parts of the world, especially the hottest, make sure you take and apply sun protection often. Seek out shade regularly and drink plenty of water too. And, wherever your travels take you, whatever time of year, it’s important to get travel insurance in place to protect you and take the travel money you’ll need on your trip.

Protect what matters when you go with good travel insurance

Couple strolling along a sandy beach looking out to sea in the Canary Islands

Winter sun holidays (December, January, February) 

The Canary Islands remain one of the most popular destinations for winter sun. Basking close to the equator off the coast of Morocco, they’re warm all year round. Tenerife’s weather averages around 21 degrees in December and January, with Lanzarote weather reaching higher still. And that’s got to be worth the flight time of roughly four hours.

Ideal for family holidays and reclining on any of their many beaches, the islands also offer a wide variety of activities and attractions depending on which one you’re visiting, from volcanos to zoos and waterparks, to adventure tours, shopping and nightlife.

Cape Verde, another group of volcanic islands also off Africa’s coast, stays warm throughout the year too. And, with little rainfall and temperatures around 25 to 26 degrees in December and January, it’s an appealing prospect for sun lovers.

Further round the African mainland, Cape Town in South Africa remains warm in December at around 19 to 20 degrees, before leaping to average highs of over 27 by January. It’s a great place from which to seek out impressive vistas like Table Mountain, local wine tasting, or just sit and enjoy great food.

Across the Atlantic and reliably hot throughout the winter months is Cancun in Mexico. Its big draws are its beaches and nightlife but there’s history and culture too, like the Mayan ruins at Chichén Itzá. Average temperatures for December and January are around 30.5 degrees, rising to 32.3 degrees in February.

Barbados isn’t far behind on the temperature front this time of year, averaging in the 29 degrees range. If reclining on a beach and chilling out the West Indies way appeals, it could be the ideal winter break.

Elsewhere on the Caribbean, the Dominican Republic on the island of Hispaniola promises a sunny holiday not just in winter but all year round. From December to February, expect highs of around 29 to 30 degrees. Expect the same of St Lucia’s weather too.

And while we’re covering long-haul destinations, another hot ticket is Australia. The UK winter months are the Aussie summer, with cities like Melbourne and Sydney reaching average highs in the 25s to 27s from January to February, and Brisbane in the 28s in December.

Where is hot in winter?

Want to know where is warm in December, January and February? Destinations with hot weather and the highest temperatures include:

December January February
Mexico (30.4°C)
Singapore (30.5°C)    Phuket,
Thailand (33.1°C)
Dominican Republic (29.6°C) Cancun, Mexico (30.5°C) Cancun, Mexico (32.3°C)
Barbados (29.5°C) Manaus, Brazil (30°C) Singapore (31.6°C)
Australia (28.2°C)
Barbados (29.1°C) Barbados (29.2°C)
Cape Verde (26.4°C) Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (29°C) Dominican Republic (28.9°C)
Australia (25.5°C)
Sydney, Australia (27.4°C) Cape Town, South Africa (27.3°C)
Canaries (22.2°C)
Cape Town, South Africa (27°C) Melbourne, Australia (26.7°C)
Canaries (21.9°C)
Cape Verde (25.2°C) Auckland, New Zealand (24.2°C)
Madeira (20°C) Tenerife, Canaries (21.1°C) Orlando, USA (23.1°C)
Cape Town,
South Africa (19.8°C)
Playa Blanca, Canaries (20.5°C) Cairo, Egypt (20.5°C)

Source: Met Office

Palm trees and green bushes on tropical sandy beach with blue sea in distance

Spring sun holidays (March, April, May) 

As we move out of the winter months, where is warm or hot in the spring months?

Cancun continues to sit high in the temperature tables from March to May, averaging from 34.2 to 37.5 degrees centigrade. Thankfully there’s plenty of beach, coastline and pools to help you soak it up or cool down as needed. Just don’t dip in the lagoon – it’s populated by crocodiles.

North of the Mexican border, Las Vegas in the USA, averages over 21 degrees from March, rising through April and May. Built unashamedly on gambling and with its bright lights and excess, it’s a different kind of holiday for sure, but not to be missed according to many who’ve made the trip.

If you fancy a more laid-back Stateside trip, Orlando in Florida averages 28.3 to 31.3 degrees from April to May. There’s the chance to take things more slowly, if that’s what you crave. Or, if you’ve energy to spare, dive into any number of exciting days out, with theme parks aplenty usually within easy driving distance.

Another destination that’s hot during our winter and remains so in spring is Phuket in Thailand. Its average temperatures remain around the 33-degree mark in both seasons. They’re complemented by pure blue waters, soft sands, lively nightlife, delicious eating and plenty of local culture. If you’re heading to the capital, Bangkok, it can reach around 34.6 degrees in May, which can be overwhelming in a busy city.

A little closer to home, Turkey warms up nicely from April, when the port city of Bodrum averages 21.4 degrees and rising. A favourite of beach lovers, it also offers ancient ruins, a huge castle, narrow streets, Turkish cuisine, shopping, sailing and lots of other distractions.

Head south across the Mediterranean and you’ll reach Egypt. In March, Hurghada on the Red Sea averages nearly 22 degrees and gets up to 28 degrees in May. In the capital, Cairo, visitors can expect around a scorching 31.9 degrees in May. So, dress accordingly, including wearing a cool head covering, if you’re out in the heat for long periods, such as when visiting its iconic ancient pyramids.

Where is hot in spring?

Looking for destinations with warm weather during the UK’s spring? Here are some destinations with the highest temperatures for March to May:

March April May
Cancun, Mexico (34.2°C) Cancun,
Mexico (36.7°C)  
Cancun, Mexico (37.5°C)
Phuket, Thailand (33.3°C) Orlando,
USA (28.3°C)
Bangkok, Thailand (34.6°C)
Barbados (29.7°C) Cairo,
Egypt (28.1°C)
Singapore (32.3°C)
Dominican Republic (29.3°C) Marrakech,
Morocco (25.4°C)
Thailand (32.3°C)
Cuba (27.5°C) Las Vegas,
USA (25.2°C)
Cairo, Egypt (31.9°C)
Cape Verde (25.7°C) Lanzarote,
Canaries (23.7°C)
Las Vegas, USA (31.4°C)
Fuerteventura, Canaries (22.5°C) Bodrum, Turkey (21.4°C) Orlando, USA (31.3°C)
Tenerife, Canaries (22.3°C)  Kos, Greek Islands (21.4°C) Dominican Republic (31.0°C)
Hurghada, Egypt (21.9°C) Costa del Sol, Spain (21.8°C) Barbados (30.7°C)
Las Vegas, USA (21.6°C) Albufeira, Portugal (20.7°C) Cuba (30.2°C)

Source: Met Office

Various boats on blue Balearic waters surrounded by green rocky coast on both sides

Summer sun holidays (June, July, August) 

You won’t be surprised by some of the suggestions here. A combination of sun, sea, sand, sangria (or whatever they serve locally) and plenty of amenities and activities help keep British holidaymakers happy.

High on the summer holiday hotspots are the Balearic Islands, including Majorca, Menorca and Ibiza. They average 26 to 31 degrees centigrade in the summer months. And the range of resorts across the islands offer everything from tranquil seclusion to culture to lively nightlife and clubbing.

If you fancy a trip to cities in mainland Spain, expect average highs of 30 to 33 degrees in Madrid, 25.6 to 29 degrees in Barcelona, and 22.6 to over 36 degrees in Seville. On its Costa Blanca, meanwhile, Benidorm averages from 27.7 degrees in June to 30.5 in August. Besides a lively bar scene, it also offers great eating, plenty of family activities, plus sweeping beaches and even natural waterfalls close by.

Turkey and the Canary Islands remain hot and popular with Brits this time of year too, while many others flock to Greece and its over 227 inhabited islands (out of a total of some 6,000).

The Greek capital, Athens, with its ancient and modern treasures, can see temperatures of over 30 degrees in June and 33 or more in July and August. Island temperatures sit in the high 20s for Crete or up to 25 degrees on Kos in August. Needless to say, expect serenity and beauty alongside the gorgeous weather.  

Where is hot in summer?

After somewhere hot but a little more off the more conventional summer travel track? Check this table for some destinations whose weather boasts the highest average temperatures:

June July August
Cancun, Mexico (36.0°C) Las Vegas, USA (40.3°C) Las Vegas, USA (39.4°C)
Kos, Greek Islands (32.1°C) Florence, Italy (32.0°C) Marrakech, Morocco (37.0°C)
Phuket, Thailand (31.7°C) New York, USA (29.9°C) Sicily (35.0°C)
Athens, Greece (30.4°C) Crete, Greek Islands (29.5°C) Kos, Greek Islands (34.9°C)
Madrid, Spain (30.1°C) Tenerife, Canaries (28.9°C) Cairo, Egypt (34.8°C)
Milan, Italy (28.5°C) Majorca, Spain (31.1°C) Tunis, Tunisia (34.6°C)
Benidorm, Spain (27.7°C) Lisbon, Portugal (28.3°C) Malta (32.1°C)
Rome, Italy (27.1°C) Barcelona (28.2°C) Majorca, Spain (31.5°C)
Fuerteventura, Canaries (26.4°C) Nice, France (27.4°C) Istanbul, Turkey (29.7°C)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (25.0°C) Prague, Czech Republic (23.9°C) Los Angeles, USA (29.1°C)

Source: Met Office

Couple dining outdoors in Athens holding wine glasses looking out to ruins

Autumn sun holidays (September, October, November) 

From September onwards, holidays can start costing a bit less. It’s considerably cheaper to hop overseas in October or November than, say, July or August. This has the knock-on effect of making destinations less crowded with tourists – from beaches to local attractions. So where might you go?

Turkey’s tourist season runs from May to the end of October, so there will still be plenty of bars, restaurants and hotels of every stripe available for an Autumn visit. And, whether you’re after sea and sun for the kids, endless history, shopping and culture for the grown-ups or a healthy mixture of the lot, there’s enough of it in Turkey to last a very long time.

Side, on the southern coast, is one of Turkey’s many very ancient sites, with a working amphitheatre, Greco-Roman temples, and average daytime temperatures around 26 degrees. Heading west, Antalya features turquoise seas, permanently azure skies and icons of history like Hadrian’s Gate. Nearby Cirali has one of Turkey’s most beautiful beaches and is also a nesting-ground for loggerhead turtles.

Greece remains a good choice for a warm getaway in the Autumn, too. Athens can have quite a high October average of 23 degrees: warm enough to spend time outside and take in its many attractions. Meanwhile, Crete and Rhodes have average daily temperatures of around 24 degrees in October. And, as it’s outside of high season, there’s less of the party culture and the coastal areas can be much quieter.

Elsewhere in the Med, Cyprus reaches around 29 degrees in September and 27 in October. Which means there’s plenty of warmth left to enjoy great beaches, local culture and traditions, prehistoric and Roman settlements, water sports and adrenaline-fuelled activities like bungee jumping (but always check if your travel insurance will cover them).

You could also check out several lesser known but nonetheless brilliant seaside resorts on Spain’s southern coast. Almeria and smaller outlying areas like Aguadulce offer miles of lush beach, surprisingly few British tourists and temperatures in the mid-20s for an October visit.

If cheaper prices mean your budget will take you a little further afield, destinations across the Atlantic like Barbados, Brazil, the Dominican Republic and Mexico are reliably warm this time of year too.  

Where is hot in autumn?

Here are some of the hottest places to visit in the autumn. Expect warm to very hot weather and these average top temperatures:

September October November

Sao Paulo, Brazil (35°C)

Cancun, Mexico (32.9°C)

Bangkok, Thailand (33.1°C)

Cairo, Egypt (33.3°C)

Marrakech, Morocco (28.3°C)

Singapore (31.3°C)

Bangkok, Thailand (33.3°C)

Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt (28°C)

Dominican Republic (30.5°C)

Orlando, USA (33°C)

Lanzarote, Canaries (26.8°C)

Barbados (30.3°C)

Bodrum, Turkey (30.7 °C)

Cyprus (26.7 °C)

Orlando, USA (29.1 °C)

Athens, Greece (28.9 °C)

Kos (26 °C)

Cape Verde (28.3 °C)

Fuerteventura, Canaries (27.5 °C)

Gran Canaria, Canaries (26.4 °C)

Brisbane, Australia (26.6 °C)

Nice, France (24.6 °C)

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (23 °C)

Tenerife, Canaries (24.3 °C)

Brisbane, Australia (24.2 °C)

Algarve, Portugal (23.2 °C)

Fuerteventura, Canaries (24.2 °C)

Paris, France (19.8 °C)

Rome, Italy (22.4 °C)

Madeira (21.7 °C)

Source: Met Office

Two young men and two young women jumping in a pool with trees, houses and beach in distance

World weather at a glance 

Quickly check where is hot, warm or cool around the world and around the year with these tables of temperatures in popular destinations. (Source: Met Office)

Month Fuerteventura Gran Caneria Lanzarote Tenerife
January 20.8°C 21.0°C 20.8°C 21.1°C
February 21.2°C 21.3°C 21.5°C 21.3°C
March 22.5°C 22.3°C 22.9°C 22.3°C
April 23.3°C 22.9°C 23.7°C 23.0°C
May 24.6°C 23.9°C 25.0°C 24.5°C
June 26.4°C 25.6°C 26.8°C 26.6°C
July 27.4°C 27.1°C 28.4°C 28.9°C
August 27.8°C 27.6°C 29.1°C 29.2°C
September 27.5°C 27.1°C 28.3°C 28.1°C
October 26.3°C 26.4°C 26.8°C 26.6°C
November 24.2°C 24.3°C 24.2°C 24.3°C
December 22.1°C 22.4°C 21.9°C 22.2°C
Month Barcelona,
January 13.6°C 16.6°C 15.4°C 15.8°C
February 14.2°C 17.1°C 15.5°C 16.0°C
March 16.2°C 19.1°C 17.9°C 17.9°C
April 18.5°C 21.2°C 20.4°C 20.1°C
May 21.8°C 24.0°C 24.4°C 23.2°C
June 25.6°C 27.7°C 28.6°C 27.2°C
July 28.2°C 29.7°C 31.1°C 29.7°C
August 29.0°C 30.5°C 31.5°C 30.4°C
September 25.8°C 27.9°C 27.7C 27.5°C
October 22.1°C 24.4°C 23.9°C 24.0°C
November 17.4°C 19.8°C 18.9°C 19.3°C
December 14.0°C 17.9°C 16.2°C 16.6°C
Month Algarve,
Cyprus Malta
January 16.2°C 14.3°C 16.9°C 15.7°C
February 17.0°C 15.8°C 17.0°C 15.5°C
March 19.0°C 18.7°C 19.0°C 17.2°C
April 20.7°C 20.0°C 21.9°C 19.9°C
May 23.1°C 22.5°C 25.6°C 24.5°C
June 26.7°C 26.4°C 29.3°C 29.0°C
July 29.1°C 28.3°C 31.4°C 31.7°C
August 28.5°C 28.9°C 31.6°C 32.1°C
September 26.0°C 26.6°C 29.7°C 28.3°C
October 23.2°C 22.6°C 27.3°C 24.8°C
November 19.4°C 17.5°C 22.7°C 20.7°C
December 16.9°C 14.6°C 18.7°C 17.2°C
Month Athens,
Corfu Crete Oludeniz,
January 13.3°C 13.8°C 15.3°C 15.0°C
February 13.8°C 13.9°C 15.4°C 15.0°C
March 16.1°C 16.2°C 17.1°C 16.9°C
April 19.8°C 19.4°C 20.0°C 19.6°C
May 25.1°C 24.7°C 23.7°C 23.6°C
June 30.4°C 29.2°C 27.5°C 27.6°C
July 33.4°C 32.0°C 29.5°C 30.0°C
August 33.5°C 32.3°C 29.4°C 30.4°C
September 28.9°C 27.3°C 27.2°C 27.8°C
October 23.7°C 23.1°C 23.9°C 24.3°C
November 18.3°C 18.9°C 20.1°C 20.0°C
December 14.7°C 15.1°C 17.0°C 16.7°C
Month Dubrovnik,
January 11.5°C 25.2°C 30.5°C 32.1°C
February 11.9°C 25.1°C 32.2°C 33.1°C
March 14.3°C 25.7°C 34.2°C 33.3°C
April 17.7°C 25.8°C 36.7°C 33.3°C
May 22.5°C 26.3°C 37.5°C 32.3°C
June 26.6°C 27.3°C 36.0°C 31.7°C
July 29.5°C 28.4°C 35.3°C 31.4°C
August 29.4°C 29.8°C 35.3°C 31.2°C
September 24.9°C 30.3°C 34.7°C 30.8°C
October 20.7°C 29.8°C 32.9°C 30.9°C
November 16.5°C 28.3°C 31.3°C 31.2°C
December 12.6°C 26.4°C 30.4°C 31.2°C

Don’t forget your travel insurance 

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