Where is hot in March? We guide you through the best places to go from springtime soon.

Where is hot to visit in March?

March is a great month to find some much-needed springtime sun. The Christmas break is forgotten and the summer seems a long way away, so why not pack your bags and treat yourself to a relaxing few days in the sun. The only question is, where is hot in March? We gather the best places to go.

Dominican Republic

This stunning tropical island boasts some of the most diverse scenery in the Caribbean, as well as some of its warmest weather. March is right in the middle of the Dominican Republic’s dry season, so it’s the ideal time to visit – and with around eight hours sunshine a day at an average of 29 degrees, you’re guaranteed a much-needed dose of warmth in a month that can still be cold in the UK.


At this time of year, any island in the Canaries is a good bet for sunshine, but Fuerteventura’s position means it enjoys a certain amount of shelter from nearby Lanzarote, giving it a lower rainfall than its neighbours. Known as the Island of Eternal Spring, Fuerteventura boasts an average temperature in March of 23 degrees, with an impressive seven hours of sunshine per day.

The Gambia

March is the hottest time of the year to visit this West African country, with average temperatures reaching over 35 degrees. It’s also in this small country’s dry season, so you can enjoy a tropical climate with a cool breeze coming in off the Atlantic. Whether you relax on the beaches at resorts such as Bijilo, Banjul Beach or Kololi Beach, or enjoy the wide variety of wildlife on offer (The Gambia is famous for its fantastic array of birds), The Gambia makes for the perfect spring break.


If you need to know another hot March holiday destination, head to Phuket where temperatures can reach 33 degrees – the hottest that this fascinating Thai resort gets all year. March also comes towards the end of Phuket’s dry season, so you can enjoy the warm weather without much chance of a downpour – although the start of the month is always dryer than the end. A visually stunning island, Phuket offers tropical beaches, great diving, fabulous food and a captivating culture.


Cape Verde

A hidden gem, the ten islands of Cape Verde lie just off the coast of West Africa, so enjoy a tropical climate and long days of uninterrupted sunshine. As far as hot places in March go, the average temperature here gets up to 26 degrees and rainfall is low, giving you the opportunity for some spring sunbathing without the worry of dashing for cover. If you fancy doing something more active, wind speeds are an average of 15mph, making windsurfing and kitesurfing popular on the long, flat beaches.


If you’ve always wanted to visit Hawaii but you’ve been put off by the crowds, March is a great month to go as it’s right at the end of rainy season and temperatures will still get up to 26 degrees. While a lot of your holiday may be based at the beach –surfing, snorkelling and sunbathing – head inland to discover Hawaii’s lush countryside, imposing mountains and rugged cliffs.


Situated next to the Caribbean sea, Mexico’s east cost enjoys high temperatures all year round, with March the driest month. Expect the average temperature to be around 30 degrees on the Yucatán Peninsula, home to Mexico’s finest beach resorts of Cancun and Playa del Carmen, with eight hours of sunshine per day and a sea temperature an inviting 26 degrees. Best avoid the dates of America’s Spring Break –when US college students unwind for a week – as Cancun is one of their most popular destinations.


Situated next to the Sahara Desert, the Moroccan city of Marrakech offers a great combination of Middle Eastern culture, 1,000 years of history and relaxing five-star hotels. With the flowers beginning to bloom and an average temperature of 25 degrees, Marrakech offers an enticing hot holiday in March, before you hit the summer heat of 40-45 degrees. But no matter how hot it gets in the day, take some warmer clothes as temperatures can really drop at night.

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