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Coronavirus: where can I go on holiday? 


Important: please read this first


The information on this page was published before the current national lockdown was put in place. Its guidance applies when travel is possible, though under some restrictions. 


The most important thing to know right now about travel abroad or within the UK is that it is not currently allowed unless you have a legally permitted reason. 


For the latest restrictions and guidance check the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) travel advice page, and the rules that apply to you in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland


Travel corridors, quarantine and local entry requirements

The ongoing Covid-19 situation makes it tricky to know for sure if, when and where you can go on holiday right now – and what steps you need to follow if you do. Especially as restrictions and precautions vary and can change at short notice both in the UK and overseas.

We’re here to help. We’ve gathered a general picture on where you can travel and what to consider before you do – like travel corridors, quarantine requirements, the importance of having travel insurance and what’s needed to stay covered by it. 

As the situation can change at short notice, we’ve also linked to regularly updated government travel advice so you can be sure if it’s safe to visit your destination before you go. 

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Where can I go on holiday? 

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development (FCDO) still advises against all but essential travel to many destinations around the world. 

The good news is it also maintains a list of countries and territories that are exempt from this advice because they don’t pose an unacceptable risk to visitors from the UK. This means that, outside of any country-wide or local lockdowns that prohibit travel in the UK, you can still visit those countries so long as you follow the specific FCDO advice for your destination.

Remember, this exemption list doesn’t reflect any local entry restrictions and requirements for British travellers applied by the destinations themselves. It’s up to you to check these in good time before you go. There’s more on this point below. 

What are travel corridors?

Travel corridors are special arrangements for countries, territories and regions that you can travel to from the UK without the need to quarantine (or self-isolate) when you return home. 

The list of travel corridors differs depending on where you live. Check the full lists of countries and territories without quarantine for your part of the UK here:




Northern Ireland

If your destination isn’t on your country’s exemption list, you can still go but will need to quarantine on your return. However, this is not advisable and trips should be made for essential travel only. You can check any quarantine requirements on the FCDO advice pages for the country you’re visiting.

Remember, countries, territories and regions can be added to or removed from the UK travel corridor list at short notice and it’s updated as the situation changes so check it regularly.

Note too that travel corridors don’t apply if you visit anywhere else on the way to or back from your destination, such as transit stops along the way. 

Local entry requirements: do I need a Covid test for travel? 

Checking where you can safely travel to according to official advice for your part of the UK is one thing, but you also need to check and follow any local laws, restrictions and guidelines that apply when you get there – including any regional differences.

For instance, there may be particular entry requirements you need to meet on arrival at your destination, such as providing the results of a negative Covid-19 test. 

If you need a test purely because you want to travel you won’t be able to get it on the NHS and will need to arrange it privately. Different tests are available but some might not be accepted in your destination so check well in advance which type you may need.  

It’s your responsibility to know and follow these specific local entry requirements and allow plenty of time to do what’s needed to meet them before you travel. So make sure you check the local entry requirements for your destination early on the FCDO travel advice page.

If you’re planning activities or to visit attractions while you’re away, remember that – just as in parts of the UK – social distancing measures and local restrictions may mean it’s no longer possible. Other attractions and activities, as well as restaurants and bars, may be open and operating at reduced capacity, and you might need to book a time slot in advance.

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Will travel insurance cover Covid-19? 

The current situation means it’s more important than ever to get travel insurance that will sufficiently cover your trip when the FCDO says it’s safe to go. Not all insurers provide Covid-19 cover as part of their policies, so make sure the cover you choose offers all the protection you need.

You may need cover against cancellation, delayed or missed departure due to the virus before you travel, or cutting short (curtailment) of your holiday because of it when you’re there. It’s also important to ensure emergency medical treatment, repatriation (getting you home) and other expenses will be covered if you fall ill while you’re away.

So check what coronavirus cover is included in travel insurance, compare providers and read the policy documents and terms and conditions before you buy. And always follow the official travel advice of the national and local government both here in the UK and in your destination. Travelling against this advice will usually invalidate your travel insurance policy.

To check the latest on whether your destination is safe to visit and any restrictions, exemptions or entry requirements that apply if you do, visit the FCDO travel advice page

If you do plan to travel to your destination despite FCDO advice against doing so, check your travel insurance policy closely. Your trip’s unlikely to be covered but it may be possible to buy add-on cover for an additional premium to cover travel against FCDO advice that does not relate to the Covid-19 pandemic. So triple check your policy to be sure and don’t travel if you’re in any doubt.  

What if my home country or region locks down when I’m due to travel? 

Sadly, it’s bad news for travel plans if you live in a country or specific area that’s under the strictest restrictions – such as a full lockdown or higher alert levels. 

Restrictions of this kind mean it’s against government advice to travel from your region. Doing so would invalidate your travel insurance and, if something happened while you were away, you wouldn’t be able to claim – whether it was related to Covid-19 or not. 

Check any national or regional alert levels, restrictions and guidelines for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.  

What if my home region locks down when I’m due to come home? 

If you’re travelling home from a holiday or trip, whether it’s overseas or in the UK, you can travel back to your home even if the area is in lockdown or a tier of restrictions that prevents movement outside of it. But you must follow the specific guidance for that region and the level of restrictions it’s under once you’re back. 

What if my holiday destination locks down before I go? 

Sadly, this will usually mean you can’t go on holiday there at the time you’d booked for after all.

You should check the latest FCDO travel advice for the country or region you’d planned to visit to be sure of the authorities' official position both in your part of the UK and in your destination. But the likelihood is you’ll be unable to go. 

If that’s the case, you may be able to rearrange flights with your airline, accommodation with your hosts or the holiday as a whole with your travel provider. 

What if my holiday region locks down while I’m there? 

If the country or region you’re staying in locks down or is placed under tighter restrictions while you’re staying there, you should check the latest FCDO advice for that destination and any local guidance. 

Insurance policies generally do not provide cancellation and curtailment cover for changes in FCDO travel advice or local restrictions and guidance if the changes are due to the current Covid-19 pandemic. 

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