Protecting your holiday from unexpected events

Travel insurance is there to help if something goes wrong while you're away or before you leave. Make sure you've got good cover before you travel.

International Certificate of Vaccination

Travel vaccinations

Stay safe abroad by making sure you have the right vaccinations before you leave

Travelling to Thailand? Check which vaccinations you should consider before travelling.

Vaccinations for Thailand

It’s important to know what vaccinations or injections for Thailand you need to get before you leave home.

EHIC card

Ghic and Ehic

With a Ghic or valid Ehic, UK citizens can get emergency or necessary medical care in EU countries for the same cost as local residents, sometimes free.

Some medications are banned outside of the UK, make sure you check before travelling.

Can you take medicine on a plane?

With airport security rules and country restrictions on medication, it can be difficult to know what medicine you can carry on a plane.

Beach holiday packing list

Beach holiday packing list

From clothing to accessories to keeping entertained, we have the complete beach holiday packing list.

Wondering what to wear on a cruise? Our cruise packing checklist will make your travel planning hassle-free.

Cruise packing list

Read our guide to packing for a cruise to make sure you have everything you need set sail.

Travel articles

Holiday checklist for families

Holiday checklist for families

Planning a break with the kids? Read our family holiday packing checklist for a guide to essential items whether you're skiing or lounging on the beach.

A handy guide to backpacking essentials.

Where can I go on holiday?

From travel corridors to local entry requirements, see what to consider and whether it's safe to go before you take any trip.

UK Getaway

Where can I go on holiday in the UK?

Check where if it’s safe to travel to and from in the UK and get travel insurance to help protect your trip. 

Travel Insurance for Greece

Make sure you’re covered for medical care and other potential travel risks or disruption on your Greek holiday.

Family getting ready to ski

Safety tips for winter sports

Skiing, snowboarding and skating are adrenalin-filled sports, but can also be risky. Take our winter sports quiz.

ski safe - Post Office #SkiSafe event

Ski safety

If you're heading off on a ski holiday follow our 10 tips to staying safe on the slopes.

Travel Insurance

If you're considering a trip away, make sure you're protected with Post Office Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance

Find out how to claim in the event your luggage is  lost, delayed or damaged.

Travel Insurance for the Canary Islands

How to access healthcare and make sure you’re covered for travel risks on your trip to the Canaries.

Find out how to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.

Cancelled or delayed flights

Don't be left out of pocket if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Your airline going bust does not mean being stranded at the airport.

What to do if your airline goes bust

Sometimes the unexpected happens, find out next steps if your airline goes bust.

If your holiday company goes bust you may be protected if you booked with an ABTA member or are ATOL protected.

If your holiday company goes bust

If your holiday company goes bust, you'll need to be aware of your options and next steps.

What is ABTA and ABTA how can the UK's largest travel trade association make you feel secure in your travel choices.

What is ABTA?

Learn more about the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), how it works and what sort of protection it offers to UK travellers.

What does ATOL protected mean?

What is ATOL protected?

ATOL protection helps offer security to UK consumers booking flights.

Did you know?

Cafe frontage with sun

Compare travel insurance

Looking for the right travel insurance? Our guide can help

Travel in real time

See key travel insurance stats in real time, as well as other stats related to how we travel

Assisted Travel At Aiports Button

Assisted Airport Travel

Many people need assisted airport travel but few are aware of the best way to get it. Learn more with our guide.

Festivals overseas

Top tips for festivals overseas

Use our checklist to make sure you've got everything you need to travel abroad for festivals

A beautiful sunset

Where is hot now?

Discover the world’s hottest destinations and ideas for warm getaways any month of the year.

Valuables at beach

Keeping your valuables safe at the beach

Make sure you're keeping your valuables protected while you enjoy the sunshine

Embassy Flag Button

Guide to embassies, consulates and high commissions

Everything you need to know.

Man stuck at airport button

What to do if a strike affects your flight

How to deal with delays caused by strike action

No Travel Insurance

10 million British holidaymakers at risk

Almost 10 million Brits risk travelling without the right insurance, putting themselves and their families at risk

Grand Canyon

Travel insurance for USA

What to consider when looking for travel insurance for America

Cappadocia with hot air balloon

Travel insurance for Turkey

Make sure you know how to access healthcare in Turkey and what to do about travel insurance


Travel insurance for Spain

Learn about what travel insurance can offer alongside Ghic for holidays to Spain


Travel insurance for Morocco

Read about healthcare and getting around in Morocco, and why to get travel insurance

Old French Townhouse and Windows

Travel insurance for France

Learn about why you might need travel insurance alongside your Ghic for trips to France

Sydney Opera House

Travel insurance for Australia

Learn about travel safety and healthcare in Australia and how travel insurance could help you

Lagoon in Thailand

Travel insurance for Thailand

Make sure you've got travel insurance for trips to Thailand, and learn about travel risks and how to get around

Canadian Kayak and Lake

Travel insurance for Canada

Trips to Canada promise amazing sights and bustling cities, but make sure you have travel insurance

Taj Mahal

Travel insurance for India

Make sure you know about how to access healthcare in India and what travel insurance can do for you

Dublin Library

Travel insurance for Ireland

While it's part of the British Isles, you may need travel insurance for holidays to Ireland

Classic Red Car Havana

Travel insurance for Cuba

Having travel insurance is a requirement to enter Cuba, so learn about other ways it can help

Hobbit house in New Zealand button

Travel insurance for New Zealand

The famous land of Lord of the Rings and incredible landscapes is a huge draw for tourists. Find out more about travel insurance here

Dubai Skyline at Night

Travel insurance for Dubai

Travel insurance can help with loss of property, cancellations, medical costs and more. Find out about travel insurance for Dubai here.

South Africa marina button

Travel insurance for South Africa

Visiting South Africa offers tourists a huge amount to do, but it's important to stay safe and protected with travel insurance.

Kukulkan Temple

Travel insurance for Mexico

Travel insurance is a must in Mexico to protect against loss of possessions, theft and medical emergencies.

Venice at sunset button

Travel insurance for Italy

If you're going away this Autumn, think about trying somewhere off the beaten track. Find out more here

Plane wing in flight button

Don't make these holiday mistakes

Some holiday mistakes are obvious, but others are less so. Take a look at our guide to make sure you don't overspend

Schengen Travel Insurance Button

Schengen Travel Insurance

If you're studying in the UK from outside Europe and want to visit the EU, you might need a Schengen visa. Here's our guide

Egyptian Pyramids

Travel insurance for Egypt

Travel insurance is a must-have for holidays to Egypt. Here's what you need to know

IMG_Japanese temple in forest button

Travel insurance for Japan

With the Hanami festival and the Rugby World Cup approaching, there has never been a better time to visit Japan. Make sure you have the right cover.

Snowboarder with snow spray button

15 snow sports you didn't know we covered

There's more to mountains than skiing and snowboarding! Check out these unusual winter sports.

Skier with boulder on mountain button

Skiing for beginners

We want you to have the most fun you can on your first ski trip, so take a look at our guide on skiing for beginners.

Travel Document Safety Button

How to protect your travel documents

Making sure you've got all of your travel documents stored electronically can help you to relax on holiday