Travel Tips and News

From preparing to visit somewhere new to getting your passport application through first time, the Post Office is here to help. 

We really do know a thing or two about travel preparations. Here are some of our best tips so that you can get everything sorted now, relax and get that holiday feeling.

Hand luggage allowances are dependant on your airline carrier, to avoid excess baggage fees check before you travel.

Hold baggage allowances

Find out the latest hold baggage allowances to avoid excess baggage fees.

When flying with hold baggage liquids are limited to 100ml bottles up to 1 litre in total

Carrying liquids in your hand luggage

Learn more about airline restrictions and rule on carrying liquids in your hold luggage.

Wondering what to wear on a cruise? Our cruise packing checklist will make your travel planning hassle-free.

Cruise packing list

Read our guide to packing for a cruise to make sure you have everything you need set sail.

Some medications are banned outside of the UK, make sure you check before travelling.

Can you take medicine on a plane?

With airport security rules and country restrictions on medication, it can be difficult to know what medicine you can carry on a plane.

A list of essential travel items to make travelling hassle-free.

Travel essentials for your holiday

Tick off everything you need on holiday with our handy list of essential travel items. Use our list to help you to pack for your trip abroad.

Today's online foreign currency rates

Our best rates are available online - for all currencies, the more you buy the better the rate. Here's the rates for some of our most popular currencies:

Rules for passport photos

Knowing the right size, format and requirements for UK passport photos will help your passport application to be processed without delay.

EHIC card

Don't forget EHIC!

EHIC is not a substitute for travel insurance but it's a valuable card to have in Europe.

Apply for your International Driving Permit, so you can drive whilst you're abroad.

International Driving Permit

Find out more about driving abroad or apply for an International Driving Permit from the Post Office for just £5.50 for the whole year.

An ESTA allows you to visit the US for less than 90 days without needing a visa.


If you're planning a short trip to the USA then you will need an ESTA (US visa waiver) giving you permission to visit without a visa. Apply for an ESTA today.

International Certificate of Vaccination

Travel vaccinations

Stay safe abroad by making sure you have the right vaccinations before you leave

Travelling to Thailand? Check which vaccinations you should consider before travelling.

Vaccinations for Thailand

It’s important to know what vaccinations or injections for Thailand you need to get before you leave home.

Post Office Passport Check & Send

Make sure you get your passport application or renewal right is first time with Post Office Passport Check & Send.

Passport Check & Send

Pre-travel checklist

Be sure you’ve packed what you really need with our pre-travel checklist

Post Office travel hacks including tips for packing and booking flights.

21 travel hacks

Read our 21 holiday hacks to a stress-free holiday, from booking to perfect packing, this list includes all you need to know when going abroad.

Read our guide to going on holiday alone and make your trip exciting, memorable and fulfilling

Travelling alone

Our guide on tips to travelling on your own should give you the extra confidence you need to embrace your holiday whatever you choose to do.

Our handy list of travel essentials for men will help you prepare for a fantastic, stress-free holiday.

Mens travel items

The complete list of men's travel essentials for enjoying your holiday.

Follow our guide full of tips for women travelling alone to stay confident on your journey, while your friends and family at home remain relaxed and reassured that you’re safe.

A guide for women travelling alone

Follow our guide for women travelling alone, full of tips to help you stay relaxed and confident on your journey.

Ask cabin crew to help secure your baby in their seat.

Tips for flying with a baby

Tips to help you and you infant enjoy a stress-free flight.

Travelling with a toddler will mean packing plenty of Wet Wipes and activities like colouring books.

15 tips for travelling with a toddler

Our best advice on going away with your child and helping you to enjoy your holiday as much as they do.

Travel Insurance

If you're considering a trip away, make sure you're protected with Travel Insurance.

Travel Insurance

Merci, Danke, Arigatô

Wherever you’re going, a little politeness goes a long way. Here’s how to say 'thank you' in 20 different languages.

Don’t get lost!

Avoid travel anxiety and arguments when you're away

Nine handy travel apps

Free to download and super smart. Don’t leave home without your travel apps

Don’t be taken for a ride

How to avoid being scammed on holiday

Tips for travelling with kids

Advice on how to have a fuss-free flight when travelling with children.

Find out how to claim in the event your luggage is  lost, delayed or damaged.

Delayed, lost or damaged luggage

Find out how to claim compensation if your baggage is lost, delayed or damaged.

Find out how to claim compensation for delayed or cancelled flights.

Cancelled or delayed flights

Don't be left out of pocket if your flight is delayed or cancelled.

Your airline going bust does not mean being stranded at the airport.

What to do if your airline goes bust

Sometimes the unexpected happens, find out next steps if your airline goes bust.

If your holiday company goes bust you may be protected if you booked with an ABTA member or are ATOL protected.

If your holiday company goes bust

If your holiday company goes bust, you'll need to be aware of your options and next steps.

What is ABTA and ABTA how can the UK's largest travel trade association make you feel secure in your travel choices.

What is ABTA?

Learn more about the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA), how it works and what sort of protection it offers to UK travellers.

What does ATOL protected mean?

What is ATOL protected?

ATOL protection helps offer security to UK consumers booking flights.

Holiday Money Report 2018

How expensive will your holiday really be? Compare costs at the most popular global resorts.

City costs barometer 2017 header

City Costs Barometer 2017

Find the best value destination for a European city break in 2017 – compare costs in popular locations

Some tips on tips

How much should you tip abroad? It depends which country you are visiting

Saving money on holiday

Nifty ideas to keep the costs down while you’re away

Ski Holiday Report 2017

Planning your annual trip to the ski slopes? We've got good news. Prices have fallen in three quarters of the resorts we surveyed.

Did you know?

Travel in real time

See key travel insurance stats in real time, as well as other stats related to how we travel

How to communicate with locals?

We surveyed British holidaymakers to find out their holiday worries and how they communicate with locals

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We asked some of the UK’s leading travel bloggers to share their top tips for an affordable city break