Family holiday report 2019

Family Holiday Report

  • Turkey offers best value for beach extras
  • France is most expensive location surveyed

Family Holiday Report

This year’s Family Holiday Report from Post Office Travel Money reveals that families are likely to find lower prices than last summer in more than half the European resorts surveyed, despite the recent fall in sterling’s value. However, the report found that pester power from children for ice creams, water rides and other beach items could easily bust the family budget.

What the report found:

  • The Post Office Beach Barometer, which compares prices for 10 beach items - including buckets & spades, inflatable lilos, swimming goggles, sun-loungers, ice creams and water rides - found that prices vary significantly across the 15 resorts surveyed
  • Marmaris is the cheapest resort for the second year running. Prices in the Turkish resort are around 11 per cent lower than a year ago, thanks to a slump in the value of the lira against sterling and are over 30 per cent lower than in its closest competitors
  • Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is another resort offering great value this summer. Not only are beach items cheap but the Black Sea resort offers by far the lowest prices for family meals and drinks
  • Visitors to the eurozone will find the best value beach items in the Costa del Sol. Prices in Spain’s most popular resort area are eight per cent lower than a year ago. However, the Algarve is cheaper for meals and drinks

Despite lower prices, it seems the Brits are a little spendthrift, with 73% of parents surveyed saying they went over-budget by 25%. With average holiday budgets of £630, this means an extra £159 going on unexpected extras. This may have to do with pester power – the pressure that kids can put on their parents for a myriad of extras while on holiday.

Spending on food and drink accounts for over half of the average budget (£336), and if you suspect that you might overspend in this department, our index can help you plan your holiday finances.

Making sure you have the travel money you need can help avoid unwanted stress. While the UK is becoming increasingly cashless, you’ll still need old-fashioned money for many tourist destinations. Whether this is to make tipping easier or to avoid incurring debit card charges, having enough travel money in cash can be helpful.

For other expenses, or to avoid having to take large amounts of cash out with you, there’s the Travel Money Card. This is a prepaid currency card that can be used to withdraw cash or pay in shops, hotels and anywhere with the Mastercard™ symbol. Buying your travel money early can lock in a favourable rate and your money may be able to go that little bit further while you’re away.

Over 9,000 Post Office branches offer euros over the counter, while Turkish lira can be purchased on demand at over 4,000 branches and the Croatian kuna and Bulgarian lev are among 30 currencies available on demand at 1,600 larger Post Office branches. In total, up to 70 currencies can be pre-ordered at any Post Office branch or online for next day branch or home delivery.

And remember that wherever you're going, it's always important to have travel insurance - for yourself and your family.

Top 5 most affordable beach holiday destinations
Sunny Beach
Costa del Sol
Bucket & spade £2.90 £2.42 £2.27 £5.91 £3.63
Inflatable lilo £1.45 £4.83 £3.64 £4.09 £6.36
Swimming goggles £1.45 £1.93 £5.91 £2.05 £2.27
Mask and snorkel £3.63 £4.83 £3.64 £10.87 £4.09
Suncream (200ml SPF15) £6.82 £2.42 £5.00 £6.23 £4.09
Insect repellent (50ml) £1.44 £2.42 £3.18 £4.72 £5.27
Ice-cream (Mars/Magnum) £0.73 £1.21 £2.27 £1.46 £1.64
Sun-lounger (half day) £0.00 £2.90 £4.09 £2.27 £6.82
Pedalo £10.16 £16.92 £13.65 £18.20 £13.65
Banana Boat £5.81 £9.67 £7.28 £12.74 £22.75
TOTAL COSTS £34.39 £49.55 £50.93 £68.54 £70.57
Top 5 most affordable family holiday destinations
Sunny Beach
Costa del Sol
Cup of Coffee £0.72 £1.00 £0.64 £1.09 £2.27
Bottle of beer/lager £0.72 £2.18 £1.09 £1.97 £3.00
Bottle/can Coca-Cola £0.97 £0.87 £1.36 £1.36 £1.82
Glass of wine £1.21 £3.05 £1.14 £2.42 £3.18
Family meal for four (three courses for two adults; two for two children plus a bottle of house wine and soft drinks) £28.51 £43.27 £46.67 £59.13 £60.96
TOTAL COSTS £32.13 £50.37 £50.90 £65.97 £71.23

For more information, you can read our full report.

Source: Post Office. Data relates to exchange rates on 4 July 2019. Prices supplied by National and Regional Tourist Offices of participating countries, except for Bulgaria (Balkan Holidays), Crete and Majorca (online research)..


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