Meet the Post Office travel app

Transform your travel money

The Post Office travel app is designed to be your ultimate holiday spending companion, for smooth money management from bustling city streets to tranquil escapes.

It’s simple to load different currencies onto the Post Office Travel Money Card and move money between them with the app’s multiple currency wallets. Its online top-up capabilities make adding and moving funds as easy as checking the weather on your phone.

Easy to set up and use

Navigating the app is straightforward, even for first-time users. From initial setup to viewing transactions, its intuitive design lets you manage your funds effortlessly.

And, with transaction alerts and security features built in, you're always informed about your spending and can act swiftly if something goes amiss.

Go in the know: transaction information and security

One of the app’s features is transaction history. Every purchase is displayed, allowing you to track your spending, monitor your budget and stay in control of your holiday funds.

If you spot a transaction you don’t recognise you can call the customer service team who will be happy to support you. And, if your card's been lost or stolen, you can immediately freeze your card in the app to prevent further unauthorised use.

This adds a significant layer of security to your funds, keeping your holiday budget protected.

From strict budgets to holiday treats – our app’s got your back

Sticking to your budget can be crucial when travelling – especially as lots of us admit to overspending when we go away.

The travel app helps you track your spending to make smarter decisions, like whether to rein in the expenses or allow yourself a little indulgence.

If you’re in the latter camp but your card funds are running low, you can always add more quickly, staying financially flexible wherever your travels take you.

Advanced app integration and security

If you already have a Post Office Travel Money Card, linking it to the travel app is seamless. Any foreign currencies you’ve previously loaded will be available, making your transition to the app seamless.

For your security, the app supports Touch ID and Face ID on iOS and fingerprint authentication on Android devices. This ensures only you can access it – and your holiday funds. Not only convenient, but secure too.

Your travel essentials, all in one app

Beyond managing your holiday money fund, the Post Office travel app also serves as a one-stop-shop for other travel needs.

You can get quotes for, buy and access travel insurance policies directly through the app too. That includes single-trip, annual multi-trip or backpacker policies for individuals, couples, families, and groups. Plus, all our optional extra cover like cruise and winter sports, trip disruption, trip extensions, and gadget cover available for an additional premium.

The app also includes the option to book parking, hotels, fast-track security access, lounge entry at airports and even arrange onward transfers to your destination upon arrival via holiday extras.

So, whether you need to take it easy before a flight, top up your Travel Money Card, check your remaining balance, or check your travel insurance, everything is accessible in one place. Taking the stress out of every aspect of your trip.

Key takeaways

The Post Office travel app not only simplifies your money management while travelling but also enhances your overall holiday experience.

  • Manage your travel money, insurance, and essentials like airport parking all in one app
  • Seamlessly manage currencies on your Travel Money Card, track spending and keep funds secure
  • Top up currencies on your card and easily swap funds between them as needed
  • Protect your money by freezing your card if it’s lost or stolen