Write to Santa Father Christmas

Writing to Santa?

  • Send your letter by Friday 8th December
  • Don’t forget to stick a stamp on your card or letter

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Letters to Santa

If you’re writing a letter to Santa this Christmas, here are three things that are Good to Know.

  1. 1. Santa has an official address

    You can make sure your letter gets to Father Christmas by using the official Santa address:


    Santa/Father Christmas
    Santa's Grotto
    XM4 5HQ


  2. 2. The last posting date is 8th December

    Get your card in the post to Santa by Friday 8th December 2017.


    You can find a full list of the other last posting dates for Christmas here.


  3. 3. You’ll need a stamp

    You must remember to stick a stamp on your letter or it won’t get to Santa.


    Father Christmas is very busy at this time of year so he can’t guarantee that he’ll send a reply, but he’ll do his best if you include your full name and address.


    Christmas stamps are available to buy in branch or online.


Merry Christmas!



Open longer this Christmas

This Christmas we have more branches open longer and on weekends too. Visit at a time to suit you, leaving more time to enjoy the festivities.

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