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  • Buy Korean won online at Post Office
  • Check the pounds GBP to Korean won KRW exchange rate for the best deal
  • Order your Korean won online and pick up in branch the next working day
Illustration of an open wallet with currency notes spread out at the top of the wallet
Illustration of an open wallet with currency notes spread out at the top of the wallet
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Travel money for South Korea made simple

From high-tech cities to remote islands, mountain landscapes and Buddhist temple retreats, South Korea truly mixes the old and the new, the urban with the rural. If it’s a blend that’s drawing you there, order your Korean won online or buy your currency in branch with Post Office.

With click and collect, order holiday money online, pick it up from your nearest participating branch as soon as the next day, or we can deliver it to your home. Buying online could get you a better rate. And buying when the won exchange rate is good will save you money.

You can sell back any leftover currency notes to us commission free. Or if your trip is cancelled, we guarantee we’ll refund every won within 28 days of purchase. And we can arrange travel insurance for your Korean break too.

Get our best rates online. The more you buy the better the rate.

Get your Korean currency from us

A few reasons to get your travel money from Post Office:

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  • Get travel money online for a better rate (minimum order £400) or buy in any participating branch

  • Get a better rate for Korean won the more you spend

  • Collect in branch or get free home delivery on online orders of £500 or more

  • Order by 3pm on a working day for delivery the next working day

  • We’ll buy leftover Korean won currency banknotes commission-free

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Want your cash delivered tomorrow? Order by 3pm today for delivery to your home. 

How far will your Korean currency go?

  • Public transport is cheap in South Korea if you stick to the buses. Trains and ferries are a fast way of getting around on a mid-range budget. Or you can travel in more luxury by rental car or high-speed train

  • For accommodation, you can stay in the country’s network of budget hostels or mid-range hotels in the large cities. Even Seoul’s dozens of 4- and 5-star hotels are generally not as expensive as in western Europe

  • It’s possible to eat out well at simple Korean restaurants or there are more lavish options too

  • Find free Wi-Fi – Seoul is one of the most connected cities in the world, with hotspots all over

  • Cut down on tipping – it’s not expected, though some more upmarket hotel restaurants do add a 5-10% service charge

  • Get a T-Money card; South Korea’s version of London’s Oyster card gets you taxi, bus and train rides for lower fares than individual tickets

  • If your holiday’s cancelled we’ll refund you every penny of your travel money

Some common questions

  • Issued by the Bank of Korea in the capital, Seoul, the South Korean won is the official currency of South Korea. It’s abbreviated to KRW (short for Korean Republic won) and its symbol is ₩.

    One South Korean won is subdivided into 100 jeon, but the jeon is no longer used apart from on stock exchanges. The lowest that changes hands in everyday transactions is 100 won, worth about 7 pence at the time of writing.

  • The South Korean won (KRW) is used only by South Korea itself. It’s not to be confused with the North Korean won (or PKW) used across the border, which has the same symbol but is a separate currency issued by the Central Bank of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

  • You can buy Korean won online or in branch at the Post Office by finding your local participating branch. It’s easy, commission-free and we’ll give you a competitive rate.

    You may get a better rate if you buy online rather than in branch. And the rate gets better the more currency you buy. You’ll also save money if you can wait until the exchange rate favours the pound over the won.

    Order with click and collect and, if it’s before 3pm on a working day, you can pick your currency up in any participating branch the next working day. Or we can deliver it to your home.

  • First issued in 2009, the highest value denomination in the South Korean currency is the 50,000 won banknote. Smaller shops won’t usually have change for it, so keep some smaller denominations too. The other banknotes in circulation are the 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000 won.

    The lowest denomination coins are the 1 and 5 won coins, which are rarely seen in circulation. Much more common are the 10, 50, 100 and 500 won coins.

  • It’s important to check if travel to your destination is permitted and safe before you go, and any local laws or risks to keep in mind if you do. If you travel against official advice in the UK or your destination country or region you could invalidate your travel insurance.

    You’ll find the latest travel advice from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO). There’s also a dedicated South Korea travel advice page.

  • Read all travel money FAQs