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How to Save Money Calculator

We all want to save more but that’s often easier said than done. However research by the Centre for Economics & Business Research (Cebr) on behalf of Post Office recently found that the average household could potentially save up to £5,950 more a year!

Try our calculator to see what your potential saving opportunity could be

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How to Save Money Calculator

The living costs are different in each region, see how your spending habits
compare to people in your region and find out how much you could save

Please enter values and use the drop down menus to answer the question before you continue

A household is how many people live in the same dwelling and also share meals, bills etc

Please enter values and use the drop down menus to answer the question before you continue
Please enter values and use the drop down menus to answer the question before you continue

What are your monthly outgoings for your household

Examples: rent, mortgages payments, maintenance costs, council tax, gas, broadband and subscription


Examples: All household spending on food and non-alcholic beverages items


Examples: holidays, short breaks, fuel, bus travel, rail travel, air fares, parking costs


Examples: social events, gatherings, hobbies, games, books, sports, gym and cinema


Example: All clothing, footwear and homeware items such as shirts, shoes, furnishings and carpets


your household could save £400 per month

Your household spend is


The average spend in your area is


The lowest spend in your area is


See how your outgoings compare to the average household in your area.


North of England

Monthly outgoings


Monthly income

  • You spend the same on utilities and bills

  • You spend the same on food and drink

  • You spend the same on travel

  • You spend the same on leisure and entertainment

  • You spend the same on fashion and homeware

Utilities and bills

Bills can be expensive, find out how to plan your spending and reduce your bills with personal finance journalist Iona Bain

Food and Drink

Supermarkets are great at getting us to part with our cash. Jack Monroe is here to show you how to save at the supermarket and cook smart.


Monica from the Travel Hack will show you how you can save more on your travel costs.

Leisure & Entertainment

Ricky Willis from Skint Dad knows how to have fun on a budget. Follow his tips and tricks to spend well and save more here.

Fashion and Homeware

Interiors expert Kimberly Duran can show you tips on how to spend well whilst doing up your home.

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Free Budget Planner

Keeping track of where you are spending your money will help you spend more consciously and in turn find ways to save in your day to day with ease

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The Post Office can help you save

Travel Money

Competitive exchange rates, 0% commission. Up to 70 currencies available. Order before 3pm to get the next working day.


All Post Office Unlimited Broadband deals let you upload, download, stream and share as much as you like. There are no usage caps, extra charges or mid-contract broadband price increases


Make sure your money’s working harder, with tax-free savings options, easy access accounts and bonds – you could maximise your money and boost your savings.

Post Office ISAs are provided by One Family. Savings in Post Office cash ISAs are deposited with Bank of Ireland UK. All other Post Office savings accounts are provided by Bank of Ireland UK.