Over 50s Life Insurance Calculator

If you’re between 50 and 80 and a UK resident, you qualify for Over 50s Life Cover.

This type of insurance is a great way to leave a gift to loved ones, contribute towards funeral expenses or cover outstanding debts. But how much do you need?

Use our Over 50s Life Insurance Calculator to get an estimate of how much cover you could use. Remember that this isn’t a recommendation, but it can help you decide whether or not Post Office Over 50s Life Insurance is for you.

Over 50s Life Cover Calculator

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Please tell us how old you are, you must be between 50 and 80 years old to buy this cover. If you are under 50 our Life Insurance will provide the cover you need Click Here


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As people in the UK feel less wedded to tradition, the type of funerals on offer have become increasingly more varied. This can sometimes mean that the price tag goes up too, and a funeral might be more than you think.

Most people don’t want the costs of their funeral to be the responsibility of their loved ones, particularly if expensive. The average cost of a basic funeral in 2018 stood at £3,757*, a decrease of 0.7% on last year's figure. This is before factoring in the cost of even a modest send-off, flowers and the wake. These costs can be a strong motivator for people over 50 to take out life cover.

This type of cover offers guaranteed acceptance to UK residents aged between 50 and 80 and can offer a payout an amount to help cover funeral costs.

Alternatively, payouts can be put towards settling minor debts or simply as a gift to your loved ones.

Whatever the reason, life insurance can give reassurance to you and your loved ones that a few important things are taken care of.

Things you need to know

* Source: The Royal London National Funeral Cost Index Report, 2018. [Page 4]

Post Office Money Over 50s Life Cover is provided by The Royal London Mutual Insurance Society Limited. 

Depending on how long you live, you could pay more in monthly payments than the cash sum we pay out when you die. The cash sum you choose is fixed and inflation (the rising cost of goods and services) will reduce its value over time.

We only pay out on death. There is no cash-in value at any time. If you die from natural causes in the first 12 months, we will pay one and a half times the payments you have paid. If you die from natural causes after 12 months we will pay the full cash sum. If you die from an accident in the first 12 months (please refer to the Post Office Money Over 50s Life Cover Terms and Conditions for an explanation of accidental death), we will pay the full cash sum. If you die as a result of an accident after the first 12 months, we will pay two times the cash sum.

We will stop collecting payments after a maximum of 30 years, or on the policy anniversary date after you reach age 90 or when you die, whichever is sooner. If you stop making your payments your cover will end and you’ll get nothing back. We can tell you about our cover but cannot advise if it is right for you. If you are not sure if it is right for you, please ask your financial advisor, or visit unbiased.co.uk to find one who could help.

Click here if you would like to read the Terms and Conditions. If you apply for cover, you will also receive them with your policy documents.

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