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Life Cover Options

Don't worry about the time when you're no longer around. Be ready for it. Protect what matters most with a choice of life cover from a brand you can trust.

Life Insurance

Get your family, mortgage and lifestyle covered financially.

Up to £500,000 of cover

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Over 50s Life Insurance

Get help towards the cost of your funeral or leave a gift when you're gone.

Leave up to £10,000 behind

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What do you need to protect?

Your family

Pay a little each month to help protect your loved ones financially if you pass away.

Your mortgage

Choose a policy that could help you pay off a repayment or interest-only mortgage.

Your lifestyle

Leave a cash sum to help those who matter most keep living the lifestyle they're used to.

Already a customer?

Get help with an existing Post Office Life Insurance policy, or find out how to make a claim.

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