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New-look travel app out now

Our revamped travel app’s out now. It makes buying, topping up and managing Travel Money Cards with up to 22 currencies a breeze. Buying and accessing Travel Insurance on the move effortless. And it puts holiday extras like airport hotels, lounge access and more at your fingertips. All with an improved user experience. Find out what’s changed below.


What's changing and why

  • Our original travel app was built on a platform that’s no longer able to scale to support the volume of users we experience. 

    By building a new app, we can also keep up to date with the mobile technology our customers use, which the older platform can’t do.  

  • The new-look travel app offers improved performance across all devices, and a platform we can grow and improve continuously in the future. That means an experience that keeps getting better for its users. 

    This update also makes sure our app remains current with mobile technologies and what they make possible.  

Updating to the new app

  • The old app will be switched off on 27 March 2024, so won’t work after this date.

    Our improved travel app is available now. It supports any device running on iOS 13 or Android 8 operating systems and above.

    If you have an older operating system, here’s what to do:

    • Check if you can update to a newer version of your operating system in your phone’s settings
    • If you can’t, you can still access your Travel Money Card via our website.

    You can use the Travel Money Card website to:

    • View your balance
    • Top up your card
    • Move money between currencies
    • View transactions
    • Activate a new card

    These functions aren’t available on the website at the moment:

    • View your PIN
    • Freeze your card
    • Find your nearest ATM
    • Find your nearest Post Office branch
    • Add card to Apple Pay
    • Authorise online transactions
  • If you have the previous version of the travel app installed and update to the new version, your login details will remain the same. 

    However, for security, you’ll need to reverify the email address you signed up with. You’ll also need to set up a new passcode and/or biometric login, which will involve confirming some personal details. 

  • If you’ve already bought a Travel Money Card through the previous app or in a branch, you can link it to the new app and keep using it. Currencies you’ve loaded using the app will still be available in the new one.  

  • We’re migrating users of the existing travel app first. If you’re one of them and your device has auto updates turned on, the new travel app should install to it automatically. If you’re a new user and have an iOS device, you can download our app from the App Store now. It will be available to download in app stores for Android devices once we’ve finished migrating existing users.

Travel Money Card in the new app

  • All currencies available in the previous version of the travel app can be topped up and swapped in the new and improved version. 

  • You can still order new cards within the new version of the travel app. 

  • Yes, you can add your Travel Money Cards to your Apple Pay account in the new app just as you could in the previous version. 

  • Sorry, not just yet. The updated app won’t support Google Wallet at launch. But we’re working on it. 

  • You’ll see a summary of your last 20 transactions displayed on the Travel Money Card page. To see more, press the ‘View all’ button at the bottom of the screen to show all previous transactions. 

  • If your device is set to download from your UK app store, you should be able to download the new app while abroad. You’ll need access to Wi-Fi or mobile data. Please note, using mobile data abroad can come with high charges.

    If you can’t download the app, you can register any Travel Money Cards you have with us in your online account instead. Then you can download the new app when you get home and link it to your account. Your cards and/or policies should then appear within it.

    Register a Travel Money Card

Features in the works

  • We’ve removed the ATM finder feature from the new app for its initial launch. We want to make sure it provides the right experience before it goes live. 

  • The branch finder feature has been removed from the initial launch version of the new app. We want to make sure it provides the right experience before it goes live. 

  • We've removed the currency converter finder feature from the new app for its initial launch. We want to make sure it provides the right experience before it goes live. 

  • No, sorry. At launch the new travel app will only be available on smartphone devices, not tablets. 

Other app questions

  • The new travel app continues to support biometric login. If you use an iOS device, you can use Touch ID and Face ID to access it. On Android devices, you can log in using fingerprint authentication. 

  • Location data will be used when the ATM and branch finder features are added later.  

    You’re free to decline location permissions, or withdraw these at any time, without restricting the use of any features in the launch version of the app. 

  • There are no plans for Welsh language to be added to the app currently. 

  • Please let us know using our general enquiries form.

Download the app

The Post Office travel app is free to download to both Apple and Android devices. Get it from your store of choice and start using it today. 

Post Office travel app

Download now from your device’s app store: 

Need more help with our travel products?

Travel Money Card help

To read all Travel Money Card FAQs, manage your card online or contact us about using it: 

Visit our Travel Money Card support page

Holiday extras help

Get help with travel extras booked online through Post Office 

Visit our holiday extras support page

New Travel Money Cards

  • You can get hold on a Travel Money Card in three ways. Each is very simple. 

    1. In our travel app: order and store up to three Travel Money Cards in the Post Office travel app. Delivery will take 2-3 days 
    2. Online: follow our application process to order your card online. Your card will take 2-3 days to be delivered. Once it arrives you can link it to our travel app to manage on the go 
    3. In branch: simply find a nearby Post Office branch and pop in to get your Travel Money Card there. Please remember to take a valid passport, UK driving licence or a valid EEA card to obtain your card, and you can take it away the same day 

    Please note, you must be a UK resident over the age of 18 to obtain a Travel Monday Card. 

    Whichever way you choose to order your card, don't forget to activate it once it arrives. Full details of how to activate your card will be provided in your welcome letter, to which your card will be attached if it’s been sent in the post. 

  • Whether you order your card in the app or on our website, it will be delivered to your home address in two to three working days.  

    If you need a card in a shorter time, please check with your local Post Office branch. Exchange rates vary between online and branch. 


Currency questions

  • The Post Office Travel Money Card can be loaded with up to 22 currencies at any one time. Top up with one or a few, if that’s all you need, or with all currencies at the same time. 

    You can top up funds in each currency’s wallet, or transfer funds between the different wallets, in our free travel app or online.  

    We recommend topping up with the currency of the country you're travelling to, rather than in pounds sterling (GBP).  

    The currencies available are:  

    EUR – euro  
    USD – US dollar  
    AUD – Australian dollar  
    AED - UAE dirham  
    CAD – Canadian dollar  
    CHF – Swiss franc  
    CNY – Chinese yuan  
    CZK – Czech koruna  
    DKK – Danish krone  
    GBP – pound sterling  
    HKD – Hong Kong dollar  
    HUF – Hungarian forint  
    JPY – Japanese yen  
    NOK – Norwegian krone  
    NZD – New Zealand dollar  
    PLN – Polish zloty  
    SAR – Saudi riyal  
    SEK – Swedish Krona  
    SGD – Singapore dollar  
    THB – Thai baht  
    TRY – Turkish lira  
    ZAR – South African rand 

  • There are a few ways you can top up your card – either in branch, online or in our travel app. 

    In the app, just click ‘Cards’ in the navigation bar at the bottom. This will take you to your Travel Money Card summary page, where you can see all the cards you’ve linked.  

    Tap ‘View card activity’ on the card you want to top up. This will take you to a screen for that specific card, showing all currencies you have loaded onto it.  

    To quickly top up a currency that’s already loaded, click the plus (+) sign next to the currency and enter the amount you wish to top up (minimum amount £50).  

    You can also select the plus (+) sign by ‘Top up’ and choose an amount to top up with before selecting which of the 22 currencies to apply the top-up to.  

    Tap ‘Continue’ to see your order summary, where you can amend your order if needed or continue to payment.  

    If it’s your first top up, you’ll need to enter your payment card details on the next screen (‘Payment card’). 

  • You have 4 options: 

    1. Leave the money on your card for your next holiday 
    2. Visit any Post Office branch and withdraw the balance over the counter in Sterling. There’s a daily withdrawal limit of £300 per day 
    3. Spend your money in the UK as normal. We’ll move the money to Sterling every time you pay for something. Anything you don’t spend stays in the currency you have on the card. No fees apply, we just use the day’s exchange rate 
    4. Call us to ask for a refund. Please note that you’ll get a better exchange rate by spending on your card or withdrawing cash from a Post Office branch 

Using and managing your card

  • You need to call us immediately on +44 (0) 20 7937 0280. We’re here 24 hours a day.   

    We’ll cancel your card and work out the best way to replace it. A fee may be charged if we need to courier a replacement card overseas. 

    If you think you have misplaced your card and want peace of mind, you can freeze spend on your card using the Post Office travel app, available on the App Store and Google Play. You can unfreeze just as easily if you find your card again. 

  • The easiest way to get your PIN is in the app. With it you can check your PIN wherever you are in the world. 

    Alternatively, you can call our automated line on +44 (0)20 7937 0280 and select Option 1. Your change of PIN can only be done at UK ATMs that accept Mastercard and offer the PIN change facility.

  • Your card is accepted at 2.1. million ATMs and in 36 million retail outlets around the world – wherever you see the Mastercard logo. 

    Please remember if you use the card in a currency other than the 22, we offer you will be charged a 3% cross boarder fee. 

  • Yes, you can. You can use any ATM that accepts Mastercard. Fees will apply for every cash withdrawal. These fees are detailed online or on your welcome letter.  

    Please be aware some ATMs may also charge you and this should always be displayed on the ATM screen. We always recommend you withdraw cash in local currency and don’t choose to pay in Sterling or accept their currency conversion. 

  • Please contact our customer support team if you’d like to delete your Post Office travel account. Call +44 (0)20 7937 0280 any time, 24/7. 

About travel insurance

  • Travel insurance is an important purchase for anyone going abroad for their holidays. 

    Even in relatively safe locations such as central Europe, a myriad of things can go wrong. Flights can be delayed. Airlines can lose your luggage. Thieves often operate in tourist areas. And you could eat something that disagrees with you anywhere in the world. 

    We hope none of these events happen to you. But, if they do, you could be out of pocket – and with emergency medical problems it could be by tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds. 

    Travel insurance may be able to help protect you against some of this risk. It’s a way to insure travel for you, those travelling with you and your belongings. 

    If your luggage is lost, holiday insurance may not be able to replace it, but the payout from a claim can help recover any costs that you have had to pay to get temporary alternatives. 

    In particular, the medical cover outside of the EU offered by insurance is a necessity. 

    Within the EU, meanwhile, you may think an Ehic, or its replacement the Ghic, can cover all your medical needs. This isn’t true. Some of the most expensive medical services, such as repatriation, aren’t covered by the Ehic or Ghic. They’re limited to health cover and won’t help with things like cancellation, loss or theft.  

    Even if you’re staying in the UK for your break, having holiday insurance will provide cover for lost, damaged or stolen possessions such as baggage, and cancellation, cutting your trip short or delay to your trip in some circumstances. 

  • Post Office Travel Insurance can cover you for a single trip of up to 365 days*, or multiple trips** in a single year, anywhere in the UK or abroad. We also offer backpacker cover> for a single trip of up to 18 months. 

    The type and level of cover provided depends on the policy type and options you choose, but can include cover for cancellation, cutting your trip short and abandonment of your trip, emergency medical expenses, lost, stolen or damaged baggage, lost, stolen or damaged passports or personal money, personal accidents and liability, legal protection. 

    Optional additional cover available includes Covid-19 Cover upgrade, Gadget Cover, Sport and Activities Cover (including golf), Trip Disruption Cover (including Terrorism), Natural Catastrophe and Air Space Disruption) and Excess Waiver, plus 31-, 45- or 60-day trip extensions (on Annual Multi-trip policies only). 

    Winter Sports Cover is compulsory for winter sports trips and Cruise Cover is compulsory if you’re going on a cruise. It’s important to check the different travel insurances available, and their various options and add-ons, to ensure you’ll be sufficiently covered for your trip and all you’ll do on it. 

    * For Economy, Standard and Premier policies, the Singe trip policy will cover you for one trip up to: 

    365 days for persons aged up to and including age 70 

    90 days for persons aged between 71 and 75 

    31 days for persons aged between 76 and above 

    **For Economy, Standard and Premier policies under Annual Multi-trip policy although you can take as many trips as you want within the policy year, there is a maximum duration for each individual trip. This limit varies depending on the cover level chosen and will be 17 or 31 days. On some policies the limit can be extended to 31, 45 or 60 days for an additional premium.  

    > Backpacker policies only available on the Economy level of cover 

Emergencies and claims

  • Call our emergency medical assistance line any time, 24/7.  

    0208 865 3074 

  • For non-emergency claims, the quickest and easiest way to submit a claim is online. 

    There’s no need to send or wait for documents in the post. Just upload them instead. And you can save your progress if you don’t have all the information you need, then return to complete your claim later. 

    For some claims you could get an instant decision. 

    Visit our claims page 

Manage your policy and options

  • When you buy an annual multi-trip policy, it can be renewed automatically or manually. Or, if you prefer it doesn’t renew, you can turn off the auto-renewal.  

    Whatever your choice, we’ll write to you around 28 days before the date your current policy is due to end. We’ll detail any changes we’ll make should you wish to renew the policy and give you a quote for the next year’s cover. 

    Automatic renewal: when you buy a multi-trip policy, it will be set up to automatically renew at the end of its term. If you want to opt out of this renewal, you can do so when making your purchase or at any time during the policy. Equally, if you don’t select auto renewal upfront you can turn it on later by calling our contact centre. 

    Manual renewal: if you’ve opted out of auto renewal, you can opt in manually later, such as when we send your renewal reminder or by calling our contact centre to set this up. It’s easy to renew through your online account or by calling our contact centre. If you miss the renewal date, you can still take out a new policy later. You’ll need to start a new quote, as the renewal quote is only valid until your current policy’s expiry date. This may also mean a gap in your cover until the new policy starts. 

    Turning off auto-renewal: if your existing policy is set to renew automatically but you change your mind later, simply turn it off at any point during the policy’s life, either in the app, in your online account or by calling our contact centre team.  

    If you’re within the last 8 days of your policy, you’ll need to call our contact centre to do so. The later you do this the greater the chance a renewal payment will be taken by the bank. If this happens before your renewal cancellation is processed, we’ll make sure your payment is refunded. 

  • If you bought a Post Office Travel Insurance policy with our Premier level of cover, which includes flight delay assistance, you should have received an email from us with details of how to register for this service. 

    If you can’t find the email or you arranged your policy in a Post Office branch or don't have an email address, all the information you need will be in your policy confirmation pack. You can only register your flight via the special link provided to you.  

  • Read all travel insurance FAQs
  • Your POca account is now closed and you should have received a letter notifying you of the date your account closed. From that date you will no longer be able to access your account either in branches or via ATMs. 

    Until the 30th November you (or third parties) can access balances on closed accounts by completing and returning either an account closure form P6703 or a third party closure form P6702 via your local branch. The form provides the option to transfer your balance to a bank or building society account or you can choose to have a cheque sent to you.  If you have been moved to the imovo voucher service and do not have an account to transfer your balance into, you can speak to the POca contact centre on 03457 22 33 44 and they will be able to discuss other options that are available to you.  

    From 1 December 2022 Post Office Limited will no longer offer any services relating to Post Office card account and closed accounts will be managed by J. P. Morgan Europe Limited.  A new customer service helpline will be provided from this date and full details of how to contact J.P.Morgan Europe Limited from 1 December will be provided on this page nearer the time.