Holiday Costs Barometer 2017

  • Bulgaria slashes resort costs to beat eurozone on price
  • Tourist prices are up to 20% lower than 5 years ago, despite weak pound

The 11th annual Holiday Costs Barometer of European beach resorts from Post Office Travel Money reveals big differences in the cost of tourist staples including meals and drinks. Prices in Sunny Beach, Bulgaria as well as in the Algarve are less than half the price in the South of France, Southern Italy and Ibiza!

Key findings include:

  • Bulgaria’s Sunny Beach is the best value destination for the fourth year running. Prices for the 10 barometer items surveyed are down 10% on 2016 levels, making this a great choice for bargain hunters.
  • Eurozone prices are lowest in the Algarve while the Costa del Sol is almost as cheap.
  • Marmaris in Turkey is another resort where the pound will stretch further than a year ago.
  • Do your holiday homework and check prices before booking. Resort swapping to cheaper places within Spain, Greece and Croatia could save you money.

We’ve divided the beach resorts surveyed in this years Holiday Costs Barometer by price band, comparing the costs of a basket of typical holiday purchases including food & drink and even your favourite newspaper!


Compare prices of travel essentials in 18 European beach resorts

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