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Help and support


Here’s how to get in touch with us about Post Office savings products.

Or find quick answers to the questions we’re asked most often about them.

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Existing ISA, savings and bond customers 


Find out how to manage your online and branch ISAs accounts

Savings and bonds

Manage your online and branch savings and bonds accounts 

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Help with managing your savings account online

Logging into your savings account

Use the button below to log in to your account and perform tasks online.

Withdrawing savings to your linked account

You can use this to transfer money from your savings account into another account if it’s linked.

Add or edit your linked account details 

You can add a linked account to receive money from your savings, or update your details.

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Take out a new online product 

Use the button below to get a new savings product, such as one of our ISAs.

Adding or amending your contact details

Follow these instructions to change the contact details on your savings account, or add them for the first time

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Need help with something else?


Here’s where to get answers and support with these related products and services.


Credit Cards

Manage your account, read our FAQs or contact us – including if your card’s lost or stolen.

Personal Loans

Find out more about personal loans from Post Office and how to get help from us.

Home Insurance

How to manage your account online, make a claim and get your questions answered.