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What do you need to get in contact about?

For all queries or issues about the delivery of mail, whether you’re the sender or receiver, please contact Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide using the contact details below.

For questions or feedback about your experience in one of our branches or services available, please contact us here at Post Office using the contact details below.

Let’s get you to the right information or team to assist you. Please select the statement that best applies from the following list.

  • Items sent via Royal Mail

    If an item you sent using Royal Mail has been lost, delayed or damaged, please contact them directly to claim any compensation that may be due:

    Compensation for lost items

    Compensation for delayed items

    Compensation for damage or partial loss

    International compensation for loss or damage

    To submit a claim by post you’ll need to get a P58 form from a Post Office branch and send it to Royal Mail using the address on the form. Include a photocopy of proof you purchased the postage. Please wait 15 days after posting before sending a P58.

    Items sent via Parcelforce Worldwide

    If an item sent via Parcelforce Worldwide has been lost, delayed or damaged, please visit their lost parcels page. You can also get help submitting a claim for lost, delayed or damaged items.

    Help with lost parcel

    Claiming compensation and refunds

  • If you miss an attempted delivery by Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide, they’ll leave a red ‘Something for You’ card to tell you they tried to deliver your parcel.

    What happens next depends on the courier. They might attempt to redeliver your item, or you may need to collect it from a local depot. Please check the missed deliveries page for the courier you used.

    Missed Royal Mail deliveries

    Missed Parcelforce Worldwide deliveries

    Collect missed items from a Post Office branch

    If it’s easier, you may wish to arrange collection of your missed item from a local Post Office branch.

    Find out how to arrange this and which ID you’ll need on our missed deliveries page.

    Collect missed deliveries at a Post Office

  • Finding a branch 

    If you need to locate branches near you to send letters or parcels, please use our branch finder tool.

    Find a Post Office branch 

    Feedback on our services

    If you have questions or feedback about the services we offer in branch or your experience when visiting one, please use our online enquiries form. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

    Post Office enquiries form

    If your transaction has been refused

    If a branch has refused your transaction there could be a valid reason, such as not having the correct identification or documentation with you. Some items can only be accepted directly by Royal Mail. If you feel you were given incorrect advice or sold an incorrect service, or you have a different complaint about the service you received in branch, please use our complaints form and we’ll try to put things right.

    Post Office complaints form

  • Deciding how to send

    If you need help finding the best way to send an item, our postage services page may help. You can compare different services to UK and international destinations and their prices to see which suit your requirements and budget.

    Visit our mails services page

    Finding a postage price

    Tell us what you’re sending where, and our price finder tool will show prices for different services you could use based on their speed, level of compensation and whether they include tracking or a signature on delivery. Just choose the one you prefer.

    Use our price finder tool

    Get help in branch

    Our postmasters and branch teams are experts in mails and would be happy to help find the right service for your needs. You can locate your nearest branch using our branch finder tool.

    Find a Post Office branch

    If you still have questions about how to send an item, please complete our enquiries form so we can get back to you.

    Post Office enquiries form

  • If you need to help with any of the following, please contact Royal Mail or Parcelforce Worldwide, depending on the service used carrier:

    • Parcel and letter deliveries 
    • Lost, delayed or damaged items of mail 
    • Redirecting your mail 
    • Tracking an item 
    • Service issues
    • Feedback on a member of delivery staff
    • Customer service at a delivery office

    For Royal Mail personal customers

    For questions, feedback or complaints about your personal mail please visit their support page:

    Royal Mail personal customer help

    For Royal Mail business customers

    For questions, feedback or complaints about business mail, visit the business support page:

    Royal Mail business customer help

    To praise delivery or collection staff

    If you’d like to praise a Royal Mail colleague, please use their compliments form

    Royal Mail compliments form

    By textphone

    Deaf or hard of hearing customers can contact Royal Mail on:

    0345 600 0606

    Monday to Friday: 8am – 6pm
    Saturday: 8am – 1pm
    Closed Sundays and bank holidays 

    For Parcelforce Worldwide services

    For questions about Parcelforce Worldwide services, items you’ve sent or to give feedback including praise for staff please contact their customer support team. If there’s a problem or you wish to make a complaint please visit their complaints page.

    Contact Parcelforce Worldwide customer support

    Parcelforce Worldwide complaints

  • Problems with an existing redirection

    While Post Office register the redirection of your mail, it’s Royal Mail who set up and manage it. So, if you need help with an existing redirection, please visit their help and support page.

    Royal Mail redirection help and support

    To register mail redirection at Post Office

    If you’re moving home and need to make sure your post follows you to your new address, we can help register the redirection. There’s more information about redirection of your mail to UK and international addresses, how much it costs for different periods of time, plus redirection and diversion of business mail on our mail redirection page. You can download guides and the forms you need to get started, and get answers to common questions about these services.

    Learn more about Mail redirection

    If you need more help, please get in touch by completing our enquiries form and we’ll get back to you.

    Post Office enquiries form

  • Poste Restante is a service for travelers who don’t have a permanent address in a location but still wish to receive mail. We can help you set it up and choose where to collect your post from.

    Find out more about our Poste Restante service

    If you still have questions or need to contact us about a service already set up, please complete our enquiries form and we’ll do our best to help.

    Post Office enquiries form