Sunny Beach in Bulgaria - Holiday Money Report

Holiday Money Report 2021

  • Prices have fallen in three quarters of resorts and cities worldwide since last year
  • 14 percent year-on-year price falls make Sunny Beach, Bulgaria the cheapest for tourists

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For the fourth year running, Post Office Travel Money research has found that holidaymakers can expect to pay less for meals, drinks and other tourist staples in many of the world’s most popular resorts and cities. The 15th annual Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer has found that prices have fallen in over three-quarters of the destinations surveyed.

  • Sunny Beach, Bulgaria is cheapest of 46 destinations surveyed for the fourth consecutive year
  • Portugal’s Algarve experiences a 16.5 percent fall in barometer costs helping consolidate its position as the Eurozone’s cheapest resort area
  • Bali is in fourth place and is the best-value long haul destination, followed by Cape Town

The Post Office barometer monitors the price of eight tourist items – comprising dinner for two with a bottle of wine, a range of soft and alcoholic drinks, suncream and insect repellent.

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The Post Office Worldwide Holiday Costs Barometer was compiled with the help of national and regional tourist boards, specialist tour operators Balkan Holidays (Bulgaria) and Travelbag (various long haul destinations) and Marmaris Info (Turkey).

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Where's the cheapest holiday destination?

  1. Bulgaria (Sunny Beach) £27.71
  2. Turkey (Marmaris) £37.19
  3. Portugal (Algarve) £44.13
  4. Bali (Indonesia) £55.01
  5. South Africa (Cape Town) £55.70
  6. Czech Republic (Prague) £57.39
  7. Spain (Costa del Sol) £57.96
  8. Vietnam (Hoi An) £58.39
  9. Sri Lanka (Colombo) £58.99
  10. Madeira (Funchal) £62.11

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