Enhanced Travel Disruption Cover

Any number of events can ground flights and put holidays on hold. If your trip’s delayed or abandoned, our Enhanced Travel Disruption Cover could let you claim for costs that result in certain situations.


For any new policy you buy or new trip booked covered by an existing annual multi-trip policy on or after 12 March 2020, we’ll still cover any medical claims due to coronavirus if you’re travelling to an area where there’s no Foreign and Commonwealth office (FCO) or Government advice against travel.


We won’t cover any other claim, under any section of the policy, relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) including any cancellation claim.


Is coronavirus covered?

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Travel in confidence with Post Office.

Government guidance on travel within the UK and FCO advice on international travel may change at short notice. So it's important to check the latest advice regularly. But don’t worry. You can still get travel insurance from an award-winning provider in place today, ready for when it’s safe to visit your destination.

Then, if you fall ill while you’re overseas – even with coronavirus – we’ll cover the cost of emergency medical treatment and transport home if you need it. And, if the reason’s not coronavirus related, we’ve still got you covered for missed or delayed flights, lost or stolen luggage and passports, and even cancellation in some cases.

Like other insurers, we don’t provide any other cover for coronavirus. That includes if you have to cancel a trip because you or a close relative falls ill with or passes away from the virus.

Remember, your cover won’t count if you travel against official Government and FCO advice. So be sure before you go. Get the latest FCO advice on international travel here. Check the Government’s UK travel guidelines here. And find out what’s covered on our support page

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Protection for airspace closure

Few of us can forget the holiday mayhem that dogged travellers when drone sightings closed Gatwick’s airspace. If this happens to you then getting compensation might be a priority.

So we’ve got airspace closure cover to keep things simple. If airspace closure grounds flights for more than 24 hours, you can make a claim for abandonment. If you’re already in the air and this stops you from landing at your destination or returning to the UK, you can claim for additional travel and accommodation costs then too.

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What’s covered?

Terms and conditions apply. Please see policy wording for full details.


Delay and Cancellation after 24 hours

If you get past the 24-hour delay point and decide that you’d rather go home and put the whole ordeal behind you, we’ll cover your pre-paid travel and accommodation costs. >


Disruption in transit

Being stuck on a plane isn’t everyone’s idea of fun, but it happens. We’ll cover you for each full day you are delayed for any unexpected travel and accommodation expenses you incur. >

Medical Emergencies

24/7 medical emergency line

In a medical emergency, the last thing you need is delay, especially after a serious event. So our medical emergency helpline, based in UK call centres, is open 24/7 – whenever you need it. >

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Why choose Post Office?

  • We’re an award-winning travel insurance provider †
  • Loads of add-on cover options for every traveller
  • Cancellation of your trip in some circumstances
  • 24/7 emergency medical assistance line

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    Our awards speak for themselves

    Post Office has won a ‘Best Travel Insurance Provider’ award at the British Travel Awards.


    Post Office has won a Best Online Travel Insurance provider award at the Your Money Awards.

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Enhanced Travel Disruption – Airspace Closure Cover FAQs

Does travel insurance cover travel disruption due to COVID-19?

Post Office Enhanced Travel Disruption cover could provide extra protection to cover costs incurred if your travel plans are delayed or cancelled in some situations. 

Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic isn’t one of them. Like other providers, the only coronavirus cover on our policies is for emergency medical expenses and costs to return you back home following you falling ill with coronavirus overseas. 
Remember, your cover won’t be valid if you travel to somewhere against any FCO or Government advice not to travel or preventing travel, or if there is any change in regulation brought about by COVID-19. So check their latest FCO travel advice and Government's UK travel guidelines before you book or go. You’ll find what’s covered, what’s not and answers to common questions on our support page.

Am I covered if I take my holiday in the UK?

Travel restrictions and uncertainty at the moment mean many people will be considering a ‘staycation’ in the UK this year. If you’re among them, make sure you’re covered.
With a Post Office Travel Insurance policy, you’re covered whether you’re enjoying a break in Britain or holidaying abroad. That cover starts as soon as the Government says it’s safe again to take trips in the UK. 

Please note, our policies do not provide any coronavirus cover, including if you have to cancel or cut short your trip due to coronavirus.

There’s more on what’s covered and what’s not on our support page.

What is airspace closure?

The clue’s in the name with this one. It’s when government authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority close airspace preventing flights from taking off or landing for safety or security reasons.

The cause of airspace closure may not be obvious, but as a traveller, all you’ll want to know is if and when you’ll be able to get your trip underway or return home. Airspace closure is uncommon but, when it happens, it can cause major delays.

What is airspace closure cover?

Covering against airspace closure is a paid add-on to a travel insurance policy that offers cover for your pre-booked travel and accommodation expenses if the closure of airspace exceeds 24 hours. Or, if you have already departed, it offers cover for additional travel and accommodation expenses you incur for every day you cannot reach your destination or return home (up to a limit).

What isn’t covered?

You would need to exhaust all other avenues for claiming compensation before making a claim on your travel insurance policy. There are certain situations where airlines have to give you compensation and some where it is discretionary, so they should be your first port of call. You wouldn’t be covered if you decided to cancel your trip before a continuous delay of 24 hours had elapsed. Nor would you be covered if the delay to your flight – even if you eventually got it – was fewer than 24 hours.

What about return flights?

If you have this cover, then it applies to both outbound and inbound flights – so if you’re prevented from returning to the UK due to airspace closure at your destination airport, and the delay is longer than 24 hours, then you can make a claim there too.

What if I’ve taken off?

If you’re stuck in the air, endlessly circling the airport because the runways are closed or if you are re-routed to a different airport and need to take an alternative means of returning home from the new destination due to airspace closure, then you may be able to claim for additional accommodation and travel expenses incurred.

Still have questions about travel insurance?

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Travel Insurance cover types

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  • Cover for a one-off trip in the UK or abroad.
  • Perfect for one-off trips or longer holidays up to 365 days >

Annual Multi-Trip

  • Cover for multiple trips for a 12 month period
  • You can go away multiple times in the policy year with various trip durations available >
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