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Every story is important.
We want to read yours. 

Queer Britain is a charity working to establish the UK’s first-ever national LGBTQ+ museum. We’re inviting the UK’s LGBTQ+ community to write an open letter to Queer Britain so they can record, study and preserve stories that might otherwise be lost.

Be part of history. Share your Open Letter 

Throughout history, the experiences of LGBTQ+ people have often been erased, overlooked or marginalised, leaving a gap in our national story. Queer Britain wants to change this so that future generations can see themselves represented in history.


With the support of Levi’s® and Post Office, Queer Britain is inviting members of the LGBTQ+ community to share an open letter with the museum. The letters will live in Queer Britain’s ever-growing archive and will help to record and preserve valuable accounts of what it means to be LGBTQ+ in Britain today.


The letters will be studied by historians at both Goldsmiths; University of London, and Kent State University, as part of the ‘Queer Pandemic: Resilience in Times of Crisis’ research project. The study looks at how queer identities and communities have been shaped and strengthened by both the COVID-19 pandemic and previous crises, including the AIDS epidemic, violence, criminalisation and restricted access to healthcare.


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How to get involved

The letter you share with Queer Britain can take any form you like. It can be an anecdote, a poem, a piece of artwork or photography, it can be handwritten or typed. The choice is yours. The only requirement is that it can be physically posted using the Freepost address.


Send your letter and help bring us one step closer to launching UK’s first LGBTQ+ museum.





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Send your letter

on the front of your envelope’. No need to include a stamp, postage is on us.

You are welcome to use your own formats, but these are here to give you a guide.

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Unable to make it to a post box?

If you are unable to make it to a post box or Post Office due to shielding or other reasons, please send your letter via email to

How to write your open letter

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Explore Open Letters


Read our stories.

Tanya's Story

"Coming Out’ should be posed as letting people in, it should be seen as a privilege, not an expectation. Rather than asking yourself are YOU ready to tell them, ask yourself, “do they deserve to know?”

Otamere's Story

“Queerness is evidence of the divine – evidence that all equations may be endlessly rewritten. Queerness is water from the stone. Lazarus from the depths. Something from nothing.”

Raven's Story

"When I was young, I was always too something. Too ambitious, too scared. I never quite felt enough, but the success was in the trying. Each avenue of exploration brought more questions than answers, but the failures were delicious in themselves."

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Asifa's Story

“I am British, Pakistani, South Asian, Muslim, Transgender, Queer and Disabled. I want to live in a world where these labels mean nothing and everything”

Joseph's Story

“There is a huge gap in our national story about the outsized contribution to it that LGBTQ+ people have made. It’s vital we counter this so future generations can see themselves properly reflected in our histories and understand the endless possibilities of life.”

Crystal's Story

”I think about how they say that these are unprecedented times; then I think about how we have always lived in unprecedented times.”

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Jake's Story

I choose to visible because I know how much I needed it

Hanna's Story

To all the beautiful girls who had to fight a little harder to be themselves

Glyn's Story

“Sure, we may not have each other but we have a beautiful, strong, brave history of queer people that came before us.”

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