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Tips: finding peace of mind as a new parent

New parent worries and finding peace of mind

As any new parent will tell you, no matter how much research you do, nothing can prepare you for the experience, least of all the barrage of surprising and often just plain strange worries that can play on your mind in those first few days, months or even years. Finding ways to head off these niggles and maintain your peace of mind is so important and so, as the nation celebrates the birth of the latest addition to the Royal Family, we’ve been speaking to spoke to mums and dads across the country about their experiences and most importantly measures they took to find some peace of mind.


Top 12 worries for new parents

Dave, dad of two from Dadventurer

I was surprised at how worried I was about knowing how to actually 'parent'. Having never really been around babies, everything was new - from how to hold a baby correctly right through to what car seat to buy. However, through a combination of reading and researching, going along to antenatal classes and just getting stuck in when the little one arrived, I was soon able to get over this worry as I realised parenting is essentially just trying to do your best through a succession of trial and error!”

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Tania, mum of 13 from Larger Family Life

The most surprising thing I experienced when I had my first baby was the overwhelming feeling of worrying about something happening to me and leaving my child without me - it was something I was completing unprepared for. I had read baby books and the parenting mags so was prepared for the sleepless nights and nappy changing but worrying about my own mortality really took me by surprise. I’ve since heard you can get free parent life cover which I thinks as a first time mum, it would have been a weight off my shoulders. I am now a mum of 13 and although the worry never truly stopped, I learnt to trust in myself, my abilities and my instincts more as the years progressed.

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Alex, mum to two boys from Bump to Baby

One of the things I worried about before I became a Mum was how having a baby would affect my relationship with my husband. We’ve been together since we were 14, we’re best friends and have done everything together. I knew that having a baby meant we would have to do more things separately around childcare and also that we wouldn’t have as much one on one time. The reality has been that we’re actually more closer than ever - the bond we share as parents has brought us together even more. Communication and honesty has been key. We also find that regular couple-time is important, be that when the Grandparents offer to babysit or even when our boys go to bed - making time to just be together doing something you both enjoy really helps. Parenting can make you squabble a bit more sometimes, it’s not always plain sailing, but we’ve learnt not to take things personally like that. Letting go and forgiving small stresses quickly is important.

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Talya, mum of one from Motherhood the Real Deal

I remember being so worried that I wouldn't have a clue about how to parent my baby and that something awful might happen. I couldn’t believe how worried I was about getting anything and everything wrong. At the time, I used to research everything extensively online and would spend hours reading parenting forums. My tip to new parents would be that while searching online can be really useful, you soon realise that everybody is learning on the job and sometimes speaking to friends and family about your concerns can really make you feel a lot better.

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