Life insurance for self-employed

Working for yourself can come with financial challenges. That's why it's worth considering life insurance when you are self employed.

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Being self-employed has a number of great benefits that make it attractive to many people: you can go on holiday when you want, you can control your budgets, you can work in a space that suits you and you can continue to develop a professional skill every day.

To go along with the freedom and control, there are a number of drawbacks. As well as generating your own work, you also have to ensure that you’ve paid your own taxes and kept on top of a vast amount of organisation. And you can miss out on some of the perks that employment can bring, such as death-in-service benefit.

Life insurance for self-employed people can bring a sense of stability to a career that isn’t always predictable. Because of the lack of employee benefits, life insurance for self-employed people is arguably more important than for those in full-time employment.

Should I get life insurance if I'm self-employed?

Working for an employer has a raft of benefits that are unavailable for the self-employed. One of these is ‘death-in-service' benefit, where employers pay a multiple of your salary (usually two to four times) to your dependents should you die while employed.

Many employers also provide things that would cost you if you were self-employed, such as health insurance, sick leave, maternity leave and so on.

Self-employment comes with the responsibility to provide all of these things for yourself. As you may also be providing for your family at the same time as working for yourself, the financial worries can be multiplied.

Life insurance for self-employed people can provide a safety net for those you love should you die. Unlike employment, where your family could expect some form of payout from your employer, self-employment relies on your ability to create savings to provide for your family.

How does life insurance for self-employed people work?

Life insurance policies work the same way whether you’re employed or self-employed, however your reasons for buying a policy might differ.

Term life insurance gives a payout if you die within the life (or ‘term’) of the policy. The length of this term will be pre-arranged by you when you take out the cover, as will the payout and your monthly premiums:

There are a number of different term life products available that have different uses.

Decreasing term life insurance

Decreasing term life insurance

Decreasing life cover is designed to cover a repayment mortgage or any other loan or debt you are paying down should you die before your payments are completed.

Decreasing cover offers a payout that maintains the same size as your mortgage or debt repayments. Therefore, as you make contributions, your insurance payout decreases in size. Your premiums will stay the same during the life of the policy, however you can rest assured that your mortgage repayments won’t become the sole responsibility of your loved ones if you die before you have paid it off.

Importantly, insurers will state a cap for the mortgage interest rate that they are prepared to cover. If your own mortgage interest rate is greater than this, then your payout might fall short of your overall debt.

Level & increasing term life insurance

level term life insuranceIncreasing term life insurance

The difference between level term and increasing cover is that increasing cover adjusts for inflation. This is in order that your money maintains its relative value over time – it is not an investment that can grow beyond a certain point. Moreover, your premiums are likely to increase annually with increasing term life cover, whereas they will remain the same throughout your policy with level and decreasing cover.

Other kinds of insurance for self-employed people

Life insurance for self-employed people is an important protection for your family should anything happen to you. As well as the worst-case scenario of your death, there are other situations that might warrant life insurance or other types of insurance.

Critical Illness Benefit

Critical illness benefit is an add-on policy that you can only include at the time you take out your life insurance policy with the Post Office. While it is hopeful that it will never be needed, it does offer protection in the event that you fall ill with conditions outlined in the policy document.

In this unfortunate situation, the Critical Illness Benefit will pay up to 25% of your overall payout to help you manage if you are unable to work. This is a particularly important type of life insurance for the self-employed, as there isn’t the same kind of sick pay that one might receive from an employer.

Home insurance

Many self-employed people have a home office, practice or workshop. Whether your actual work requires you to travel to other locations and you complete your bureaucratic work at home or you have a large-scale workshop attached to your house, the damage can be enormous if your home were to suffer damage.

It’s not the case that your home business will automatically be covered on your home insurance. Talk to a provider so that you can be sure you are getting appropriate cover.

Getting the right cover for your home and contents is a necessary precaution if you work from home or have a home-based business address. As well as offering your business protection, it also brings peace of mind for yourself and your family.

Our life insurance calculator is an easy way to estimate how much cover you may need in your current situation. Simply enter a few details into the calculator to start.

If you’re interested in life insurance, then consider a life cover policy from the Post Office.

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