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Important - Drop & Go log-in is changing

From 20 April you will need to reset your password to be able to access your existing Drop & Go account.

The first time you log in from this date, select Reset Password on the log-in page. Use the email address you usually use for your login to Drop & Go and you will then be sent an email with a unique verification code. This code allows you to set a new password for your online Drop & Go account. From then on, log in will be as normal.

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How to get started with Drop and Go

Thank you for registering for Drop & Go – we’re delighted you’ve joined. Drop & Go is ideal for small businesses, marketplace sellers and anyone who sends a lot of mail. It makes sending items quicker and easier. You now have an account that you can top-up and use to pay for mail.

Once you have completed the online registration journey you will be issued with an eight digit account number and then receive an email confirming the details. Please keep this account number safe as you will need this to post items and access your account.

When you are ready and needs to send some parcels, please follow the 10 steps below:

1. First check whether or not an item is prohibited or restricted before preparing to send

2. Pack your parcels with enough protection to make sure they get there safely. 

3. Find the right postage service for your item, needs and speed

Tip 1. Choose a tracked or signed for service to know your item has arrived safely.
Tip 2. Choose a special delivery or express service when your item has to be there in a hurry or has a value of more that £50.
Tip 3. When selling items online give your buyers the choice to choose from a range of postage services

4. Now your are ready to log into the Online Drop & Go service and prepare a manifest to bring with you to branch with your mail.

A. In the My Account area, click on Manifests.
B. Click on Create New, this will open a new manifest
C. You can change the name of this manifest by clicking on “Draft” at the top of the page
D. Click on “Add new item”
E. Now populate the following fields:

Item number: Any number which corresponds to one of your items that you will drop off.
Country: The destination country of your parcel, if your mail is inland bound type “UK”.
Service: The mailing service you would like to choose, for example 1st Class, 2nd Class, Special Delivery, Signed For...
Postcode: The destination Postcode for your mail
Dangerous goods: A short description of the Restricted good along with the size & quantity.
Barcode number: If you are choosing a service which has a barcode to track the status of the parcel such as Special Delivery or Signed For, please enter the barcode number if you have attached a label. You don’t have to attach a label if you don’t have one, the Postmaster will be able to do this for you.
Value: Please enter the numeric value of the good along with the currency. For example, if you are sending an item worth £50 please enter 50 GBP.

F. To add an additional item, click on “Add New Item”
G. Once you have finished inputting your items, you can either save your manifest and/or export it as a PDF.

5. Ensure that your manifest is complete with your Drop & Go eight digit account number, name, and contact number on the manifest, as these are needed to process your items.

6. Now print a copy of your manifest to bring to branch.

7. Top up your account with enough funds for the parcels & postal services you have added to the manifest.

8. You are now ready to visit a Post Office branch, simply take your mail, eight digit account number and printed manifest.

Tip 4. On your first drop off, say hello to the branch team and Postmaster, they can show you where to drop off your items and some branch offer extra help to Drop & Go users.

9. We will weigh, measure, sort the postage, and collect payment from your topped up account.

10. Confirmation of the drop processing and payment will be shared on your online account history. A tracking reference number will be shared on your account history if this service has been selected for your items.

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Top up and payments

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