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What is a Drop & Go manifest?

If you’ve got a bunch of parcels ready to send in the post, a Drop & Go manifest is a way to capture what they contain, where they’re heading and the services you’d like to use to get them there

For each item you’re sending it lists:

  • The address it's being sent to
  • What’s inside (so we know the contents’ value and that it’s safe to send in the mail)
  • The mails service we should send it by

It also asks you for a couple of other details. This information helps the team at your receiving branch make sure each item gets the right kind of postage and prevent delays in processing and posting them

Completing your manifest online

The quickest way to fill out a Drop & Go manifest is to do it through your online account. That way several of the options you need are easily available in drop-down lists
You can also upload details you’ll use often, like addresses you send to regularly, so they’re easily to hand in one place the next time you need them. We’ll come onto how later
In the next section we’ll walk through how to complete each part of the sheet online. Once everything’s filled out, you just print the sheet, bring it into branch with your post and we’ll take it from there

How to connect your eBay account

Find out how to quickly and easily import your orders from eBay into your Drop & Go manifest

Connecting your eBay account

Managing your manifest guide

Completing a manifest online

To add items to you send list: log into your Drop & Go account and click on the 'Send items’ tab in the navigation menu.

Click 'Create new list' or one of your saved lists.

Click the ‘Add new item’ button to add a first item to the list of goods you’ll be sending.

Now you’ll see a set of fields to complete in order to add a new item to your send list:

Form fields

  • Destination country: use this drop-down menu to tell us which country to send your item to.
  • Postcode: enter the postcode for the address you’re posting to.
  • Building name/number: add the name or number of the address you’re posting to.
  • Compensation level: select the value of your package and how much compensation cover it needs. This is set to £20 by default but you can also choose £50, £100, £750, £1,000 or £2,500.
  • What service do you need? Enter the posting service you want to use (eg 1st Class Signed For, Special Delivery, 2nd Class).
  • What are you sending? Enter a short description of the item you’re sending (eg books, photographs, clothes).
  • Does this package contain dangerous goods? Check if any of the contents are on our list of restricted or prohibited items, in case they can’t be sent in the post. If it’s classed as ‘Dangerous goods’, select ‘Yes’ and a drop-down box will appear for you to detail the nature of the item.
  • Have you sold this item? There are new customs rules and marketplace IOSS numbers for items sold into the EU from England, Scotland or Wales. This is why branches need to know if you’ve sold the item you’re sending.

Adding more items

Once you’ve added your first item, repeat the process to add the others you’ll be sending with it.

You can copy item lines if you need to create duplicates, edit the details of items, delete items if they’re no longer needed, or save items that you’re likely to need in a future list.

If you’ve already saved an item, you can now view and add your saved items into the current list you’re populating.

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