Everything you need to know about Drop & Go manifests

Drop & Go customers can now fill out their manifests online, saving time and staying safe. Here’s how.

What is Drop & Go?

Lots of people need to send multiple parcels often, from eBay sellers to small businesses. To make this simple, Drop & Go lets you send batches of parcels at once. All you need to do is drop the parcels off at your local Post Office branch with a manifest detailing what’s being sent and where it’s going, and we take care of the rest.

You can manage every aspect of your account online, from topping up credit to make sure the cost of postage is covered to completing manifests. If you’re new to the process or need a little extra help, we’ll explain how the manifests work here.


What is a Drop & Go manifest?

Every time you send a batch of parcels, we require a list of what those items contain, where they’re going and a couple more details. This list is called a manifest. They help us determine the kind of postage each item needs and prevent delays to your parcels arriving on time.

We’ve updated our processes so that you can now fill out your manifests online. This saves time in branch and helps keep everyone safe.


How does it work?

Using your Drop & Go account online can save time with tons of things, like checking your balance, topping up and, now, filling out your manifests. All you need to do is print the completed manifest, bring it into branch with your items and…well, that’s it.

We’ve enabled you to upload CSV files too. This means you can keep all of your records in the same place and just copy/paste the relevant info into a new manifest each time you send.

And of course you can always complete a paper manifest in your local branch if you’d prefer.

Here is an example of how to fill in a manifest

Manifest Guide Manifest Guide Manifest Guide

What’s a manifest and how do you complete one?

  1. 1. Item box – imagine you’re sending five parcels. Lay them out and number them 1 to 5. This box is where you enter the number you’ve assigned to the parcel you’re describing
  2. 2. Country – this is the country you’re posting to
  3. 3. Service – this is the postal service you want to use
  4. 4. Postcode – the postcode of the address you’re posting to
  5. 5. Building name/no – the name or number of the address you’re posting to
  6. 6. Dangerous goods – some items are restricted or prohibited and may not be able to be sent in the post. Check if the item you’re sending is on the list of what you can send and, if the item is classed as ‘Dangerous goods’ then describe it here
  7. 7. Barcode number – some parcels have barcodes on them, for instance if they’re tracked or signed-for. If you’ve attached a label with a barcode, enter the barcode number here
  8. 8. Value – enter the value of the item(s) you’re sending. This is important in case you ever need to claim compensation and for us to make sure you’re sending using the most appropriate postal service

Here is an example of how your completed manifest will look

Populated-manifest Populated-manifest Populated-manifest
Here is an example of how your completed manifest will look

How does the CSV file upload work?

A CSV file is a simple, plain-text file that contains lists of data. If you create CSV-format documents to keep track of the items you send, then all you need to do to fill in your manifest is copy the relevant fields to a new document, save it, and upload it using the button.

When you upload a CSV file, our system interprets the data into the relevant fields on the manifest. You can help simplify things by naming your columns in the same format as the manifest.

Once the data has been interpreted into the manifest, check that it is all correct.

What’s the process?

On your Drop & Go account, you’ll see the button that says “Upload CSV”. Just click this and find the file you want to upload.

Our system maps the fields on your CSV file to those on our manifests. You can choose the format you might have your CSV files in (eBay or Amazon). Remember that your formats and ours might not align perfectly, resulting in minor mapping errors. These ought to be fixable in no time, and overall it can save lots of time retyping fields you’ve already saved to CSV.

Check that it’s correct and that nothing’s been left off, and you’re good to go.

If you leave the ‘Country’ field blank on your CSV file, the manifest will auto-populate ‘UK’. Symbols and words that can pose security risks will be replaced with spaces. Unclosed quotation marks (eg 13” meaning 13 inches) and multi-line fields can’t be imported, so edit these fields accordingly. If a field contains more than 20 characters, it will be truncated.

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