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Selling to the EU

How does the Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) scheme affect you?

From 1 July 2021, changes apply to items being sold into the EU from outside the EU, including Great Britain. These include new VAT rules and the launch of the EU Import One Stop Shop (IOSS).


  • The IOSS scheme allows buyers to pay any VAT and customs charges on items worth up to €150 when they are sold. This avoids them having to pay upon delivery.

  • Signing up to the IOSS isn't mandatory, but the larger marketplaces have already registered to it on behalf of all their sellers.

  • Any item sold to the EU with a value of €22 or less will no longer be exempt from VAT. This means ALL items sold to the EU will now be subject to the local rate of VAT and charges in the destination country.

What does this mean for you?

You can continue to use the Post Office to send an item to the EU if you've sold it through certain marketplaces. But we need some additional details to make sure your customer is not charged again. 

  • Items worth under €150 sold to the EU through an IOSS registered marketplace:


    1. Write IOSS and the marketplace name on the front of your item near the address, eg 'IOSS EBAY'

    2. Tell the branch you've sold the item through an IOSS registered marketplace so we can ensure the correct IOSS number is allocated

    3. Complete your customs form legibly with all the necessary details as normal

    The marketplaces currently using this process are:
    Not on the High Street

  • Items sold to the EU without using the IOSS scheme (directly or through a marketplace) OR Items worth over €150 sold via an IOSS registered marketplace:


    1. Complete your customs form legibly with all the necessary details as normal

    2. Post at your local branch as usual. The recipient will be charged any fees that apply on receipt of the item as before.

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