Post Office SafeGuard® FAQs

Answers to some of your most common questions

Will Post Office Virus Guard guarantee 100% protection from viruses?

Post Office Virus Guard will only help protect the user from accessing sites if we know of the potential threat in advance. This means Post Office SafeGuard® - like other security measures – cannot guarantee 100% protection. However, Post Office offers free added anti-virus protection to those taking the HomePhone and Broadband Premium package. This can be downloaded from the primary online account.

Will Post Office Virus Guard detect and clean viruses on my PC / laptop?

Post Office Virus Guard will not detect any viruses on your device, it only helps prevent viruses infecting your device. However, if you have taken our HomePhone and Broadband Premium package, you can take advantage of the free downloadable internet security software which includes anti-spam and anti-virus. You can download this from your Primary Online Account.

Will Post Office Kids Guard and Homework Guard guarantee complete protection from chosen sites?

Kids Guard and Homework Guard will only block websites which have been associated to a filtered category. The number of websites is continuously increasing, therefore there is no guarantee of complete protection. The concept of categorising websites based on the content is also open to interpretation meaning there may not be 100% agreement between customer and Post Office. However, a customer with Post Office HomePhone and Broadband Premium package can take advantage of free parental controls by downloading the free internet security software.

How often are websites reviewed in each category?

New websites are categorised daily.

Any websites reported by an account holder for Post Office to review – because the customer believes the website has been blocked and incorrectly categorised – will be reviewed at the earliest opportunity. Depending on the volume of submitted websites, it can take up to a month for Post Office to review a customer’s submission, but remind the customer there is no feedback. In the meantime, if a customer would like to access a blocked website, they can amend their Post Office SafeGuard® settings or add this to their allowed list on their SafeGuard settings page. Post Office does not guarantee any website will be re-categorised.

Can I create different settings for different devices connected to Post Office Broadband?

Post Office SafeGuard® settings cannot be separated per connected device. This is the benefit to this product because the account holder can be assured all connected devices are receiving the same level security. SafeGuard settings can be changed any day, any time for your convenience.

Will the account holder be informed if someone has attempted to access a blocked website?

There is no mechanism to inform the account holder if someone has attempted to access a blocked webpage. This is because Post Office does not hold a record of visited websites. However, there are checks in place to ensure only the account holder will be able to amend settings to access a blocked page.

Why am I still able to view lists of blocked websites/ images in search results?

SafeGuard is free to all our Broadband customers; unfortunately SafeGuard cannot prevent a list of blocked site names appearing in a search engines list of results. Similarly, SafeGuard cannot prevent indecent images appearing in a search engines image results. Some search engines however, do offer their own filtering controls.

Why am I still able to view websites I have chosen to block?

SafeGuard settings will only apply if the user is typing into a standard browser and therefore web addresses are looked up via the Post Office network. If a user is connecting through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or accessing a web proxy, SafeGuard cannot block the content.

For https pages blocked, the customer will not be redirected to the SafeGuard blocked landing page – instead they will receive an error in their browser.

Will SafeGuard block applications installed on my devices?

SafeGuard is designed to block websites. Post Office cannot prevent application data from being sent and received.

I have no need for parental controls and do not want SafeGuard added to my account / service.

We provide SafeGuard to all new broadband customers by default due to government legislation. If you do not wish to take advantage of the free product, you can easily switch off all SafeGuard settings from your Post Office Online Account.