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We are changing some of our prices as of 17th July 2017

Important information for Broadband and Phone customers.

Thank you for being a Post Office customer. To continue improving our services and ensure we remain competitive we sometimes have to review our prices. So from 17th July 2017 we'll be making changes to some of our call rates, package prices and Terms and Conditions. 

We've outlined the main changes in the table below for you. 

If you're not sure which features you already have, please take a look at your last bill or log in to your My Account. Don't worry if you have forgotten your My Account username or password, you can reset your password online. Your username is in the price change letter we have sent you. 

Things we won't be changing

  • Promotional offers - If you're currently signed up to a Home Phone or Broadband promotional offer you'll see an adjustment made to your monthly discount so you can retain your offer.
  • Line rental - Your monthly line rental price will stay the same and remain one of the cheapest in the UK (available as low as £14.99 a month when you pay 12 months upfront with our Line Rental Saver).
  • Inclusive calls to UK Standard Mobiles and international landlines every weekend - Evening & Weekend and Anytime package customers will still continue to enjoy inclusive calls to UK standard mobiles and landlines in our top 40 countries every weekend. 
  • Caller Display and 1571 Voicemail – BT and some other providers charge for services like Caller Display and Voicemail. You can still get these features for no extra cost (opt in required).

  • Extra-long evenings and weekends – Unlike BT our evenings start an hour earlier at 6pm and our weekends start 6pm Friday and run through to 6am Monday, that’s 12 hours more chatting than BT every weekend!

  • 10% discount on calls – You’ll still get a 10% discount on the numbers you call the most often. With Loved Ones select up to 10 UK landlines, mobiles or international numbers and get a 10% discount on calls to these numbers every month.

See how much you could still save compared to BT

Phone package price changes

  Current Prices New Prices from 17th July 2017 Comparison to BT
Line Rental £16.99 a month No change

£18.99 a month (Direct Debit)

£20.99 a month* (Line Rental Plus)

Line Rental Saver £179.88 one-off (equivalent of £14.99/month)  No change

£205.08 one-off (equivalent £17.09 a month)

International Saver £4.00 a month No change


Evening & Weekend call plan £2.50 a month £3.00 a month

£3.80 a month

Anytime call plan £7.00 a month £8.00 a month

£8.95 a month

Call Connection charge  16p a call 18p a call

21p a call

UK Landline calls (Daytime/Evening/Weekend) 10p a minute  12p a minute

12p a minute

UK Standard Mobile Calls 13p a minute 14p a minute

16p a minute

Access Charge (calls to numbers starting 09, 118, 084 & 087 not included in your call plan)

10p a minute + Service Charge  11p a minute + Service Charge

12p a minute + Service Charge


 Broadband package price changes

  Current Price New Prices from 17th July 2017
Unlimited Fibre Broadband

£36 a month

No change

Unlimited Fibre Broadband Plus

£41 a month

No change
Broadband Essential (including £16.99 line rental) £23.99 a month £25 a month
Broadband Premium (including £16.99 line rental) £26.99 a month £28 a month
Broadband Essential (no line rental - no longer for sale) £25 a month  £26 a month
Broadband Premium (no line rental - no longer for sale) £28 a month £29 a month
Total Care £3.96 a month £7.00 a month


Prices include VAT

Pricing changes

Other changes

  • Broadband Premium: The name of this package will be changing to “Unlimited Broadband”.  Changes to your bill and My Account will occur later in the yearall other features including your unlimited download allowance remain the same.
  • Broadband Essential: The name of this package will be changing to “Broadband Lite”.  Changes to your bill and My Account will occur later in the year - All other features including your 10GB usage allowance remain the same.
  • Our Terms and Conditions  have been updated, for existing customers that change their services, move home or change their preferences, we have introduced mandatory monthly billing; a paper bill charge (for broadband customers) and connection fee and delivery charge for certain broadband services. For all customers that require an engineer, if changes need to be made to the engineer appointment then this must be done by 2pm the Working Day prior to the current appointment.  Our Code of Practice has been updated to explain how premium rate and non-geographic numbers are charged. Our Fair Use Policy has been updated to introduce Fibre Broadband and changes to our policies on capped and unlimited broadband packages. For more information and to view all of the changes, please visit postoffice.co.uk/broadband-phone/terms
  • The calls to the following UK mobile numbers (prefixes) will be 20p a minute plus 18p Call Connection charge. The call to the numbers with these prefixes will be categorized as a UK Premium mobile call
  • 07451, 07520, 07744, 07755, 074181, 074184, 074187, 074189, 074409, 074520, 074521, 074522, 074523, 074524, 074525, 074526, 074570, 074571, 074573, 074575, 074584, 074650, 074651, 075371, 075588, 075894, 075895, 075896, 075897, 077001, 078221, 078229, 078920, 078921, 078939, 079781, 079782, 079783, 079786, 079787


  • The calls to UK premium mobile numbers (e.g. calls to specialised mobile operators) will no longer be inclusive in the following call packages:

 - Evening and Weekend;

 - Anytime;
 Mobile Saver 100
 - Mobile Saver 500

  • Calls to UK Standard WiFi Services (numbers with following prefixes) will now be charged at 14p a minute plus an 18p Call Connection charge.

    07404, 07405, 07424, 07438, 07448, 07459, 07466, 074067, 074173, 074174, 074175, 074182, 074400, 074401, 074402, 074403, 074404, 074405, 074406, 074407, 074655, 074886, 075208, 075209, 075373, 075591, 075891, 078224, 078226, 078745, 078938


  • Calls to UK Premium WiFi Services (numbers with following prefixes) will now be charged at 20p a minute plus an 18p Call Connection charge.

    07305, 07306, 07893, 07978, 073780, 074060, 074061, 074062, 074063, 074064, 074065, 074066, 074068, 074172, 074176, 074177, 074179, 074183, 074185, 074186, 074188, 074408, 074410, 074411, 074414, 074418, 074419, 074512, 074515, 074574, 074577, 074582, 074583, 074587, 074588, 074653, 074882, 074883, 074888, 075206, 075207, 075376, 075377, 075590, 075592, 075593, 075595, 075597, 075598, 075599, 075718, 075890, 075892, 075893, 075898, 075899, 078220, 078225, 078227, 078644, 078727, 078730, 078744, 078925, 078931, 078933, 079112, 079118, 079780, 079784, 079785, 079788

Frequently asked questions

Why have you changed some of your prices?

We’ve always done everything possible to give you great value for money and to help keep your bills down however, we’ve had to make a few changes to the price of some of our products and services in order to continue offering all the great benefits that are included within our packages.


Although some prices have increased, you’ll see that our prices and call charges are still very good value for money, especially when you compare them to other service providers.


How are you telling customers about the price changes?

If you are already a Post Office HomePhone or Broadband customer, you will be notified of these changes by letter well in advance of the changes coming into effect. Letters will be sent out from 5th June 2017, you can expect to receive your letter within a few weeks from this date.


Has anything changed in my package?

The price change may affect you depending upon the package you have. If you are unclear what products or features you have today you can view them on a previous bill or alternatively log into My Account and review your package details there.


The table on the top of this pricing notification page outlines the price changes.  Please also refer to the price change letter which has been sent to you. You can also contact us on 0345 373 0042** if you would like to discuss your package and how you can save money with our great value calling plans.


I recently took one of your promotions and now you are putting up my prices while I am still in contract why?

We want to be able to offer customers a good deal and we’re glad that you took up one of our recent promotions. However we can assure you this won’t impact you. As an example if you're on our current £20 for 18 months Broadband promotion:


  • You'll continue to get the benefits of this offer and your monthly line rental charge will remain same.
  • Your Broadband monthly charge will increase from £10 a month to £11.01 a month however your monthly discount will also increase from £6.99 to £8.00 to off-set this for the duration of the remaining contract.
  • All our promotions are subject to price and terms potentially changing during your contract.


What is a UK Wi-Fi service number range?
The Wi-Fi Service number range is allocated by some service providers to their business users so that they can access fixed line voice services also over Wi-Fi and mobile networks. These are primarily IP telephony features and allow business users to access the service via business telephone systems.

There has been a change in the price of calling these numbers. 


Why should I continue to stay with Post Office?
We remain committed to ensuring you continue to receive great value for money. Here are some of the ways Post Office can save you money compared to our competitors:


  • At £16.99 a month – Our line rental price will stay the same and remains one of the cheapest in the UK (available for as low as £14.99 a month when you pay 12 months upfront with our Line Rental Saver)
  • Inclusive calls to UK standard mobiles and landlines in our top 40 countries every weekend - Our Evening & Weekend and Anytime customers still receive inclusive calls to UK standard mobiles and landlines to our top 40 countries on the weekends.
  • Caller Display and 1571 Voicemail - You can still get these features for no extra cost (opt in required). Unlike BT and other providers who charge for essential services like Caller Display and Voicemail.
  • Extra-long weekends - Our weekend calling hours will still begin at 6pm on Friday and end on 6am Monday. That’s 12 hours longer than BT and most other phone providers.


How will these price changes appear on my bill?
As you pay in advance for some of your services, we will be making a few adjustments to your bill to reflect the new price changes when they come in to effect - you will see these adjustments on the first bill you receive after the 17th of July.

We have created a helpful guide to fully explain how the price changes will appear on your bill. A copy of this guide will be included with your next bill, you can also view a copy of it here.


I have Line Rental Saver - how will this price change affect me?
Line Rental Saver price remains the same and you can continue to benefit from great savings. When your Line Rental Saver is due for renewal, you’ll be able to renew it at the same price of £179.88 which is equivalent to £14.99 a month (a £24 yearly saving). If you don’t renew your Line Rental Saver, you’ll simply revert to our standard line rental price of £16.99 a month. We’ll contact you about a month before your Line Rental Saver is due to expire and ask if you’d like to renew or revert back to our standard monthly price.


Do the prices include VAT?
The prices you'll see in the price change letter and comparison table include VAT. On your bill, individual charges are shown excluding VAT because we calculate your total charges and then add VAT at the end of your bill.


What if I'm unhappy with the price changes?
We're always reluctant to increase prices, but you’ll see our new prices still remain great value for money especially when compared to our main competitor. Of course you’re within your rights to leave without penalty as a result of these changes so if you choose to do this or would like to discuss your options please contact us on 0345 373 0042** within 30 days of receiving the price change letter.

Terms and Conditions


EVENING & WEEKEND CALLS: Inclusive Evening & Weekend calls are to UK landlines beginning 01, 02 or 03 and calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. Also includes weekend calls to landlines in our top 40 countries and UK standard mobile networks.
ANYTIME CALLS: Inclusive Anytime calls are any time of day, evening and weekend to UK landlines beginning 01, 02 or 03 and calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers. Also includes weekend calls to landlines in our top 40 countries and UK standard mobile networks.
WEEKEND CALLS: Inclusive weekend calls are to UK landlines beginning 01, 02 or 03 and calls to 0845 and 0870 numbers.

Notes: Evening rates apply from 6pm to 6am the following morning on weekdays. Weekend rates run from 6pm on Friday to 6am on Monday. A call connection charge will be applied to all chargeable calls excluding those with a fixed fee element or those that are inclusive or free. Inclusive calls last for 60 minutes. After 60 continuous minutes, calls are charged at the standard daytime rate for that number. Customers should hang up before 60 minutes and redial to avoid incurring charges. Calls that cross charge periods are charged at the price relevant to the period in which the call is taking place. There is no minimum term for Evening & Weekend or Anytime Calls options and customers can remove it at any time giving 24 hours’ notice to our Customer Care Line. Fair Use Policy applies for inclusive calls to 0845 / 0870 numbers. Calls to these numbers will be limited to 1000 minutes per month. Customers can add and remove the Evening & Weekend or Anytime Calls options once per quarter. For full details of our call charges visit postoffice.co.uk/broadband-phone/prices


Our lines are open Monday - Friday 9am to 8pm, Saturday 9am to 6pm and Sunday 9am to 4pm. Calls are free when made from an active Post Office Home Phone. Call charges apply from other service providers.


‡ BT customers are able to opt for BT Privacy with Caller Display free for 12 months, £1.75 a month from month 13. BT Evening time period runs from 7pm – 7am Monday – Friday and Weekend time period is Midnight Friday to Midnight Sunday. To confirm BT prices and call charges please visit productsandservices.bt.com/products/phone

*BT Line Rental Plus (£20.99/m) is required for ability to pay your bills as they arrive rather than by Direct Debit and includes: BT SmartTalk, Priority fault fixing, Call barring, Choose to Refuse, Bill alerts, paper or e-billing and a choice of the following services: Call Waiting, Call Diversion, Call Sign, Ring Back, Reminder Call & Three-way Calling. Standard BT Line Rental costs £18.99 a month, is direct debit only and does not include any of these features.

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