EU unveils new €20 note

  • A new €20 banknote has been unveiled by the EU – and it’s going to be lining European wallets from November 2015.
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New design

Featuring a new Gothic design, and loads of anti-fraud features, the note has one other eye-catching feature – holding the note up to the light will reveal Europa – the figure from Greek mythology.


It’s all part of a campaign to revamp the euro since it became a physical currency in January 2002. A new €5 note was introduced in May 2013, and a €10 in September 2014.

They’re also going to revamp the €50, €100, €200 and €500 notes, according to the European Central Bank.


Watch out for fakes

The note won't be going into circulation until November – make sure you're not caught out before then.

Any supposedly 'new' €20 notes circulating before November aren't genuine, so don't feel pressured into accepting any unfamiliar notes.
There’s not a deadline for returning the old notes yet – but it might be worth exchanging any old €20 notes you might have lying around after November.

If you receive a new €20 note, make sure you hold it up to the light - the window should turn transparent, and you'll be able to see Europa.


Teaching with Tetris

To promote the new €20 note, the European Central Bank has turned to Tetris. As you do.
They’ve given classic Tetris a coat of EU paint, and thrown in a few nifty facts about the note’s hidden designs and holograms.


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