Apple Pay

We’ve made contactless payment easier and more secure by adding Apple Pay functionality to the Travel Money Card. 

  • Pay anywhere you see the Apple Pay logo or contactless sign 

  • Fully secure with Touch ID or Face ID 

  • Compatible with all your Apple devices 

Leave your wallet at home 

Once you’ve added your TMC to Apple Wallet you’ve unlocked a world of payment freedom, from spending above the £45 contactless limit in shops to quick online purchases. Here’s how to get it going.

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Open the latest version of the Travel app

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Open Apple Wallet to slide your preferred card to the front, or do this in the Travel app

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Select the card you want and tap the option “Add to Apple Wallet”

And you’re good to go. If you want to make a default card your primary payment card in Apple Pay, open Apple Wallet and slide it to the front.

Benefits and features

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    Safely and securely pay with your phone or device

    Apple Pay doesn’t share any of your card information when it makes payments, so it’s highly secure 

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    Use biometrics to pay for anything

    Your device will use your fingerprint with Touch ID or facial recognition with Face ID, both of which are highly secure

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    Say goodbye to the £45 limit*

    Wherever you're travelling to, contactless payments are capped. Not with Apple Pay. So you can go for a bigger holiday splurge and leave your wallet at home.

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    Pay on public transport

    Transport for London have taken Apple Pay to the next level, where you can just tap your phone on Oyster readers without needing Touch or Face IDs

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