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Shop simply and securely with Apple Pay

Pay safely and securely

Use your phone or device to pay in shops, restaurants and online. Apple Pay doesn’t share any of your card details, so it’s highly secure.

Say goodbye to the £100 limit*

Unlike other contactless payments, Apple Pay isn’t capped. So, wherever you’re heading to, you can enjoy a bigger holiday splurge.

Use biometrics to pay

Your device will use your fingerprint with Touch ID or facial recognition with Face ID – and both are highly secure.

Illustration of hand holding a post office travel money card, airport & beach in the background

Don’t have a Travel Money Card yet?

Go cashless with our prepaid, contactless Mastercard®. You can load it with up to 22 currencies and manage everything with our travel app. Simple, secure holiday spending sorted.

Common questions

  • The travel app allows you to hold up to 3 active cards at any given time, and all 3 can be added to Apple Pay.

  • You can use it to pay in any of the currencies preloaded on your Travel Money Card.

    In the same way that your Travel Money Card works, Apple Pay will use the currency of the country you are in, meaning you don’t have to select specific currencies whilst paying – it’s all done behind the scenes for you. For more information about this, please visit our Travel Money Card FAQs in your travel app or you can read the FAQs online.

  • If you’ve lost your iPhone, use Find my iPhone to put it into ‘lost mode’. This will prevent your phone from being able to be used. You can also log into your iCloud account and remove all of your cards for peace of mind.

    If you don’t have access to the travel app you can also contact our card support team 24/7 on +4420 7937 0280.

  • If you’re concerned about your Travel Money Card, please log into your travel app where you can freeze the card quickly and easily. Follow the simple in-app steps below to do this. You can toggle between freezing and unfreezing your card at the tap of a button.

    1. Log in and tap ‘cards’. If you have several Travel Money Cards, select the card you wish to freeze
    2. Tap the cog icon, top right, to go to card settings
    3. Toggle the ‘freeze card’ function. Once you see the toggle has moved, your card is frozen until you unfreeze it, following the same instructions

    If you don’t have access to the travel app you can also contact our card support team 24/7 on +4420 7937 0280.

  • Virtually all of them. iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and MacBooks are all Apple Pay enabled (though for some it may only be more recent versions).

    If you’re adding your Travel Money Card via the travel app, you can only do this on iPhones and Apple Watches. But if you want to add your card in order to pay using the device’s in-built Apple Pay app, the next FAQ explains how.

    Each device may have a slightly different method of payment. For MacBooks, it will only be for making purchases online and will use Touch ID. For Apple Watches, you need to double-tap the side button while holding the device near the reader.

    Apple, Apple Pay, Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone, MacBook Pro, and Touch ID are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

  • For iPhone, open Apple Wallet and tap the plus sign (usually toward the top, right-hand corner), then follow the instructions. Once we've verified your card, you'll be able to start using Apple Pay with your Travel Money Card.

    For Apple Watch, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, then tap ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’. Then choose ‘Add Card’. Once you tap ‘Next’, we'll verify your card, you can tap ‘Next’ again, and then you're off.

    If you want to add Apple Pay to your Mac, you'll need a version of the computer with Touch ID. Go to ‘System Preferences’, then open ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’ and tap ‘Add Card’. Just follow the instructions after that.

    Remember that after you've set up Apple Pay on your iPhone, you can allow the same card for that to be used for Apple Pay on your Mac. Just go to ‘Settings’ on your iPhone, then ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, and turn on ‘Allow Payments on Mac’.

    And finally, for your iPad, go to ‘Settings’ then ‘Wallet & Apple Pay’, then tap ‘Add Card’. Follow the instructions and once your card has been verified, tap ‘Next’ and you're ready to start using your Travel Money Card via your iPad.

*Apple Pay contactless limits can vary country to country; while there is no contactless cap within the UK please ensure you check any limits within the country you are visiting

Find out more information by reading the Post Office Travel multi-currency-terms-and-conditionsMoney Card terms and conditions.

Post Office Travel Money Card is an electronic money product issued by First Rate Exchange Services Ltd pursuant to license by Mastercard International.

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