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What to do when post is damaged or lost

Has post you sent not reached its recipient? Or have you found that items you’ve received have been damaged? Here’s what to do

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Royal Mail services

Most of our postage services are provided by Royal Mail. The details that Royal Mail provide can help you understand your options for making a claim.

For details on Royal Mail’s policy for lost post, please visit their lost post compensation page.

For their policy on delayed post, including how long you need to wait before your post qualifies as delayed, please visit their delayed post compensation page.

For their policy on damaged post, please visit their damaged post compensation page.

For Royal Mail’s policy on compensation for internationally-posted items, please visit their international compensation page.

Finally, if you want to make a claim, you can visit Royal Mail’s dedicated claims page.

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Parcelforce Worldwide services

If you want to make a claim for lost, damaged or delayed items and you’ve bought a Parcelforce Worldwide service, please visit their informational page first to ensure you are able to do so.

When you buy a Parcelforce Worldwide service, compensation is included as standard. It’s important to check that the compensation offered adequately covers the item you’re sending. If it doesn’t you may want to purchase additional compensation. You can do this at the point of purchase in your Post Office branch, either at a counter or using the self-service kiosk machines.

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