How to grow your business

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Achieving growth isn’t always easy

Day-to-day demands can make us feel as though we don’t have time to take a step back and think about the future – but it really is worth making the time. Here are a few ideas to get you started on the path to growth and long-term success

1. Focus on the future

How do you see your business in two, five, or ten years’ time? What changes in society – and in your marketplace – will affect your business? What does your business offer – or what could it offer – to new marketplaces? 

Develop thought leadership for your industry, network with other companies and get involved in industry forums. These will help you stay inspired and motivated, and to always have an eye on what’s next.

2. Explore your nearest opportunities

The best opportunities for growth are often the nearest – looking for new audiences for things you already do, expanding product ranges and making the best use of things you already have to hand. 
Think about how your business could:

  • Expand into nearby geographic areas
  • Sell through channels you’re not using yet
  • Find more customers like the ones you’ve got
  • Offer more products like the ones you already sell
  • Develop new products your existing customers will like.

3. Make a plan

Once you’ve identified some likely-looking areas for growth, how will you make them happen? You’ll need an action plan that covers finance, people, products, strategy, premises and logistics. Don’t forget about time – what do you want to happen - and by when?

4. Set key goals

Identify the key goals you’ll need to achieve to make your growth plan happen. Stick to the essentials so you can stay focussed. Pick a few key actions that will make all the difference.

Get people to manage themselves
As managers we can spend a lot of time supervising people – time we could spend doing more strategic work. Make it clear to individual staff members and teams what you expect of them – and trust them to get on with it.

5. Share your vision

Develop a clear vision of where you are going and how you plan to get there – and share that vision with your staff. The more everyone understands and works to create that vision, the more likely you are to start growing.

Time to grow

Work smarter, not harder - help yourself and your staff be more productive with the time you have.

Think about how you can use your resources more effectively, and whether our services can help. For example, you could sign up for Drop & Go, our free fast-track service, and save time at your local Post Office.