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Logging into your savings account

How to log in to your Savings account


1. Go to

2. Select Account Login

3. Then select Savings

4. Enter your User ID. This is 7 digits long and will have been sent to you, from us, in the Post or on an Email when you first opened your Savings account. You’ll also need to enter your Date of Birth. 

5. You’ll now be prompted for 3 digits of your 6 Digit Security Number otherwise known as your 6DSN. This will have either been chosen by you as part of you online application or sent to you in the Post when your account was opened. You may also have updated it to something more personal to you if you’ve logged in online before. 

6. Forgotten your 6DSN? To protect the security of your account, your 6DSN cannot be reset online or over the phone. Contact us and we can arrange for a new 6DSN to be posted out. 

7. Once you’ve entered the 3 digits we’ve asked for of your 6DSN, select Login to enter your online account

8. You are now logged in

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Help with managing your savings account online

Help and support

Check the help available and how to use our other products and services.

Withdrawing savings to your linked account

You can use this to transfer money from your savings account into another account if it’s linked.

Add or edit your linked account details 

You can add a linked account to receive money from your savings, or update your details.

Take out a new online product 

Use the button below to get a new savings product, such as one of our ISAs.

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Frequently asked questions

We understand that our customers may have questions and concerns.

We've created a dedicated page of frequently asked questions surrounding coronavirus to help. If you're unable to find what you're looking for and your query is urgent then call us using the relevant number above.