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  • Use GOV.UK Verify to create a secure online identity profile to prove who you are
  • Choose the GOV.UK Verify service you want to access from the list below
  • It usually takes around 15 minutes to register and the service is free

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Self Assessment Tax Return

Self Assessment is a system HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) uses to collect Income Tax.

Tax is usually deducted automatically from wages, pensions and savings, however people and businesses with other income must report it in a self assessment  tax return.

Self Assessment


Universal Credit

If you're claiming other benefits check what has been replaced by the Universal Credit.

Universal Credit


Driving Licence

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency offers a range of services that helps you to stay safe on the roads, such as:

  • Reporting medical conditions that could affect your driving
  • Renewing your short- term medical driving licence
  • Viewing or sharing your driving licence information
  • Applying for a vehicle operator license

Report a medical condition


Renew a short term medical driving licence


View your driving licence


Share your driving license information


Apply for a vehicle operator licence



The UK’s tax payments and customs authority collects the money that pays for the UK’s public services by helping families and individuals with targeted financial support.

Use the GOV.UK Verify Service to check your taxes.

Income tax


Personal tax account


Help with tax affairs


Company Car Tax

If you or your family use a company car you will need to pay tax. Register to check your company car tax.

Check your Company Car Tax



State Pension

The basic State Pension is a regular payment from the government that you can get if you have reached State Pension age.

To receive the State Pension, you must have paid or been credited with National Insurance contributions.

Check your state pension


Get your State Pension


Basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Apply for a basic Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check to get a copy of your criminal record. This is called ‘basic disclosure’, which is available for people living or working in England and Wales

Basic DBS check



Rural Payments

The Rural Payments service is Defra's online registration for farmers, animal keepers, rural traders and businesses.

You can use this service to register your details, see and update digital maps of your land and make online applications for certain rural grants and payments. 

Register for Rural Payments


Claim Rural Payments


Top FAQs

What is GOV.UK Verify?

GOV.UK Verify is a secure and reusable online identity profile.

The online verification process is a way of proving who you are, so that you can access various GOV.UK services online. The service is free to use and once you have set up your identity account with one of the certified companies, you can use and re-use it to log in securely and quickly for any of the services using Verify.

What do I need to sign up?

Different services require different amounts of information. When you choose Verify, we will ask you some questions at the start to see if you have enough evidence to complete the application for that service.

To verify your identity with the Post Office, you need to be able to verify at least a passport, driving licence or national ID card. You will be asked to provide the details using a manual form or by uploading a photo of the document using our app. You may also be asked to provide details of a credit/debit card.

How do I register?

Registering for GOV.UK Verify should take around 15 minutes, although this can vary depending on the information you are asked for and if you require any assistance completing the process. Here's how you do it:

  1. On the GOV.UK website you are trying to access, you will find an option to verify your identity using GOV.UK Verify.
  2. If you select Post Office to verify your identity, you'll be brought to our website to start the registration process.
  3. Enter your email address and create a password for your Post Office account. You will be asked to confirm your email address and mobile number by entering a confirmation codes for each.
  4. Next you will be asked to provide your personal details, including your name, date of birth and recent addresses.
  5. Then you’ll need to prove your identity by verifying details of your identity documents. Using our app is the easiest way to do this. If extra information is needed, you will be asked a series of identity questions related to your finances to round off your registration.
  6. If you get stuck on your journey, use our handy live chat.

Once you are verified, you will be able to use and re-use your Post Office login details to access a growing number of government services online.

How can I get in touch?

Our service desk offers support from 8am to 10pm Monday to Friday, and from 8am to 5pm on Saturdays and Sundays.

Chat: Our live chat team are happy to provide you with assistance whilst you are going through the online verification process.

Email: You can also send us an email and we’ll help sort things out.

Phone: You can give us a ring on 0330 05 83 455

Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than calling a standard geographic number starting with 01 or 02 from your fixed line or mobile and may be included in your call package, depending on your service provider. Calls may be monitored or recorded for training and compliance purposes.

Services coming soon:

For more information please check with the GOV.UK Verify blog which gives details of the services that will be using Verify over the course of the next 18 months.

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