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Why should I get laptop insurance?

It’s your work and livelihood. It’s your creative hub where your music is made and your photos edited. It’s how you unwind in the evening, from Netflix to Facebook to online courses. And without it you’d be lost. But that’s what laptop insurance is for.

Taking your work, your study and your play with you overseas might be a necessity for you. Make sure that you’ve got the cover you need should anything happen to your gadgets while abroad with our worldwide cover.

Why choose Post Office Laptop Insurance?

Spilling a coffee onto your keyboard isn’t the end

You didn’t mean to do it, but now your laptop’s broken. But with Post Office Gadget Insurance, accidental damage and liquid damage are covered as standard

Cover at home or abroad

We cover your laptop outside of your home and whilst abroad, whether on holiday or with you on your studies

Theft is covered as standard

All the security software in the world won’t protect you against an unscrupulous bag-snatcher. Our insurance covers theft on every policy

Protection for the whole brood

Our family bundles offer a great value way to cover up to 10 gadgets*, including those of your partner and kids

Payment to suit you

As times change, so do people’s needs, so we want to make our payment plan as flexible as possible. Our pay-as-you-go policy can work around your schedule

Dedicated in-house claims team and 24/7 online portal

We think that your claims process should be prompt and informative, so we have an in-house team to help you every step of the way

Protect your laptop in 4 simple steps

  1. Add your gadgets

    Let us know which devices you want to cover by providing their device, brand, make and model

  2. Choose your cover

    Select from economy, standard and premier cover based on how much excess you want to pay

  3. Select a payment plan

    Pay monthly or pay annually to get 12 months for the price of 10^

  4. Provide your details

    Simply give us your details, set up a payment method and you're done

^ Price quoted includes the discount of 12 months for the price of 10

Young mother sat at a table using her laptop and holding her little girl on her lap

Do I need laptop insurance?

For some professionals, their laptop is their livelihood and insurance could be essential for them. But that doesn’t mean it’s not important for the rest of us.

With so many products and services taking place online, from identity services to banking and even signing a mortgage, we need to protect the devices we use.

Laptop insurance offers peace of mind that you can quickly regain the balance in your life should something happen to your PC or MacBook.

Cover when it counts

We’ve thought hard about everything that can go wrong with a tablet or gadget and found a way to cover it

  • Accidental damage

  • Mechanical breakdown 

  • Cracked screen 

  • Unauthorised usage – up to £2,500 

  • Worldwide cover

  • Theft cover 

  • Liquid damage 

  • Loss cover 

  • Accessory cover – up to £150 

  • E-Wallet cover – up to £500 

Pay annually and get 2 months on us

The annual price we quote includes a 2-month discount. You’ll get 12 months of cover for the price of 10.

What’s the excess?

The more you need to insure, the higher the costs can climb. So we’ve worked hard to keep the excess to pay on claims as low as possible. The amount varies depending on the cover level you choose and how long after taking out the policy you claim.


Time since policy started


1-30 days


31-60 days


61-90 days


91-120 days


121-150 days


Over 150 days


1-30 days

1-30 days


31-60 days

31-60 days


61-90 days

61-90 days


91-120 days

91-120 days


121-150 days

121-150 days


Over 150 days

Over 150 days


Multi-device cover

You might not be the only person in your family with a laptop, or you might own more than one. And it doesn't stop with laptops, with our cover for up to 10 gadgets, each valued at up to £1,500 under one policy. The more you bundle, the more you could save

Ready to get a quote?

Let’s find the protection that’s right for your laptop. Get a quote for Post Office Laptop Insurance

Common laptop insurance questions

  • Laptop cover protects your PC or MacBook from a range of potentially damaging things, such as accidents, loss, theft, liquid damage and more. The protection can come in the form of repair, replacement or payout.

  • You know best whether you’d benefit from having your devices protected by insurance. But if you have cover and something goes wrong with your laptop, then insurance can help reassure you that you won’t be without it for longer than is necessary.

  • Post Office Gadget Insurance covers a range of technology, including mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops and PCs (including custom-built), Digital Cameras, PC Monitors, MP3 Players, Games Consoles, Video Cameras, Camera Lenses, Bluetooth Headsets, Satellite Navigation Devices, PDAs, E-Readers, Head/Earphones, Smart Watches, Fitness Trackers & VR Headsets.

  • Your home contents insurance might have exclusions for gadgets or the situations in which you can make a claim. There may be a single article limit (the maximum value an item can have for it to be insured) and certain pieces of technology you own can exceed that value.

    You might have opted for away from home cover on your home contents insurance, which means that specific items on your policy are covered when you take them out. It’s important to check your policy documents if you want to take these abroad. Post Office Gadget Insurance covers devices up to a pre-defined value worldwide. Your cover level will dictate what you are covered for, and it’s important to compare different types of policy to decide what type of insurance would best suit your needs.

  • Not just water; all manner of liquids. But yes, our gadget insurance covers liquid damage as standard.

  • Read more gadget insurance FAQs

Need some help?

Gadget insurance help and support

Find answers to common questions about gadget insurance, as well as details on how to contact us about your gadget insurance policy: 

Visit our gadget insurance support page

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