Drop & Go Spending Rewards

  • Get £10 to £100 rewards* by posting with Drop & Go​

  • For new and existing Drop & Go customers

  • The more you spend, the bigger the rewards

  • Two chances to be rewarded this November and December**​

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What is Drop & Go?

Drop & Go is our free, fast-track parcel drop-off service for anyone who sends parcels regularly.​

It’s quick, easy, saves you time – and now there’s even more reason to use it.

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Please note: the spending rewards period has now ended. We’ll post future spending rewards here so check back again.

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What are Drop & Go rewards?

Post with Drop & Go this November and December and you’ll get rewards for what you send. The more you spend, the bigger the reward.​

Anything you spend over £100 in each reward month** – regardless of the number or price of parcels – will earn a top-up for your Drop & Go account. With two chances at a reward, one per reward month, the biggest senders could get up to £200*** rewards in all. ​ ​

It’s open to new and existing customers, and our way of saying thanks for everything you send.​


  • You’re eligible whether you sign up to Drop & Go today or you’ve been using it for years​

  • Rewards are based on what you spend each reward month and issued at the start of the next one​

  • You can post and spend on your Drop & Go account at nearly every branch in the Post Office network​

  • You’ll get a voucher barcode to redeem in branch to top up your Drop & Go account balance with your reward amount​

  • Whatever your spending level, there’s a reward – starting at £10 when you spend £100 on posting.​

  • You can track your items, spending and purchase history any time in your online Drop & Go account​


*£10 minimum reward requires £100 spend per customer and £100 maximum reward requires £10,000 minimum spend per customer during a reward months. Reward can be redeemed onto your Drop & Go account.​ ​

**1 to 30 November and 1 to 31 December 2021 (referred to as the “reward months”)​ ​

***£200 reward requires £10,000 minimum spend per customer during each reward month. This will be reviewed separately in both November and December reward months where two separate £100 rewards could be issued.​


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New to Drop & Go? Here’s how it works


Create an account online or in branch and there’s no need to queue at the counter again when you drop off your parcels. Just prep them before your visit, leave them at our fast-drop counter and go. We’ll process them that day and charge your account. Easy.​

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Prepare all your parcels and complete a manifest for what you’re sending before you visit a Drop & Go branch.​

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Top up

Top up your account balance any time or set up an auto top-up in your online account.​

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Drop off

Pop in, leave them at our counter and go. We’ll process them that day and charge your account.​

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Sign up to Drop & Go

Get a Drop & Go account and start using it right away.


What reward level could you reach each month?​



Bronze reward​

Spend £100 to £499.99 a month and you’ll get a £10 reward


Silver reward​

Spend £500 to £999.99 a month and you’ll get a £20 reward​


Gold reward​

Spend £1,000 to £2,499.99 a month and you’ll get a £40 reward​


Platinum reward​

Spend £2,500 to £4,999.99 a month and you’ll get a £60 reward​

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Titanium reward​

Spend £5,000 to £9,999.99 a month and you’ll get a £80 reward​


Diamond reward​

Spend over £10,000 a month and you’ll get a £100 reward​

Receiving your rewards​​​

Rewards will be calculated at the end of each reward month and issued at the start of the next month.

Drop & Go Spending Rewards: step by step​​

Sending with Drop & Go is quick, easy – and now even more rewarding.
Here’s how the rewards work.

  • If you don’t already have a Drop & Go account, sign up for free.​
  • Use your Drop & Go account in the usual way during the reward months – sending letters and parcels at your preferred branch.​
  • After Tuesday 30 November and Monday 3 January, all your Drop & Go transactions made during the reward month will be totalled up.
  • Make sure your contact details are up to date on your account before the end of November and December. To update them, go to the My Account area of your online account.
  • We’ll use your contact details listed on 30 November 2021 and 3 January 2022 to send you an email or letter in the first week of December and January, once each reward month has ended. It will confirm the reward amount you’re due based on the tiers above, and contain a barcode with which to redeem it, and an expiry date you’ll need to claim it by.
  • To redeem you reward barcode, take it to your local branch either:​
    a) Any time and we’ll load it to your Drop & Go account there and then, or​
    b) The next time you drop off parcels and a manifest, and we’ll load it when we process your items​
  • When your reward credit’s been applied, you’ll see it in your Drop & Go account to use whenever you want.
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Make sure you know as soon as you’re due a reward​

We’ll send you an email or letter if you’re eligible for a reward, so please check your contact details and update them if needed in your online account. ​

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Sign up ​

It’s really easy to do. You can register today online and get started. Once you’re signed up, even if the reward month has started, all your spend from that point to the end of the reward month will count and can track it online.​

Existing customers​

You don’t need to do anything differently. Just keep spending throughout the reward month and you can track your spending online. You’ll be contacted with your reward in early December and January (once each reward month has ended) by email or letter.​

Terms & Conditions​

To receive a reward you will need to spend a minimum of £100 during a reward month. You will then receive a voucher in the following month to add your reward to your Drop & Go account​.

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