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How to track items on your online account

Some postal services are trackable. This means you’ll receive a tracking number and be able to check where your items are on their journey to the end destination

How can I find my tracking number(s)?

Log into your Drop & Go account and head to the ‘Purchase history’ section of the site. You can do this either from your dashboard or via the navigation menu. Select the date range of the postage purchases you wish to view or use the search bar to find a postcode (the end destination).
If you’ve selected a postal service that offers tracking, you will see a blue underscored mixture of numbers and letters. This is your tracking reference number.

I have my tracking reference number. Now what?

If you found your reference number through your purchase history, click on the blue underscored reference number. The number will be copied to your clipboard, and a ‘Track your item’ page will open in a new tab. Then paste the number into the text box and click ‘Track your delivery’.
Alternatively, if you already have your tracking number, you can head straight to the ‘Track your post’ page and enter the number in the text box to track your delivery.
Tracking numbers are between 9 and 27 characters long, and only a reference number can be used to track an item. Other information such as a name or address cannot be used.
Please note: if significant time has passed since your item was sent, there’s a good chance the tracking won’t work anymore. Please only try to track items that have been recently posted.
For more information about tracking your parcel, see the FAQs on the tracking page.

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