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How to top-up and auto top-up

Before you drop your parcels off in-branch, you’ll need to top-up your account, or set up auto top-up to ensure you have enough credit for your postage

How can I top up my account?

You can top up your Drop & Go account or card online – we accept most major credit and debit cards. If you wish, you can also top-up your account in branch. You can have a maximum balance of £750 at any given time, where top-ups are capped

To top-up online, log into your Drop & Go account and head to the ‘Top Up’ page

Screengrab of the Top up your drop & go account area

Topping up your account

To make a one-time top-up to your account, select the amount you would like to add from the set options, or enter your own amount, then click ‘Top up now’. You will be taken to a page to enter your billing address and payment details
Once the transaction has taken place, your balance will be updated on your dashboard, and you will be able to view the account top-up in Account History

Using Auto Top-Up

As an online customer, you can set up auto top-up, so you never run out of credit. When you’re on the ‘Top up’ page, select Auto Top-Up and enter the amount you wish your account to top up by when it falls below a particular amount
You can set a threshold balance, a top-up amount and payment card. You can change these at any time or cancel auto top-up altogether. The Auto Top-up Terms & Conditions provide a comprehensive overview

Screengrab of the auto top up drop & go account area

Can I save my card details for next time?

As you top-up your Drop & Go account online, you will be asked to give your payment card details. Beneath the fields requesting these details, there is a tick box that reads “Save card details”. Simply check this box and you’ll have added this card for ease when making future payments. The security code on the reverse of the card is never stored at any point and will need to be re-entered with every purchase
All card details (except security codes) are stored completely securely by our secure payments partner. You can store as many cards as you like, and if you can’t remember whether you’ve saved a card or not, you can save the same one twice
When you make a payment, you will be offered the choice of your stored cards. There is a dustbin icon next to each card. If you click this, the corresponding card will be removed from the secure vault. You will also see a pencil icon, which will enable you to change a card’s details

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